“Corporate titans such as Apple and Walmart are under attack for buying back billions of dollars in stock while supposedly skimping on investment, but evidently the critics have it all wrong: The companies that buy back the most stock also invest the most in the future,” Jeffry Bartash writes for MarketWatch. “Apple announced plans last spring to buy back $100 billion in stock, but it also invested almost $17 billion in 2018 and it plans to invest $14 billion in 2019.”

“The biggest corporate tax cuts under President Trump in 31 years certainly helped, Cicione said, but he pointed out the surge in stock buybacks preceded them. Cicione said the largest and most successful American companies have managed to boost what is known as free cash flow, the difference between what a company receives and pays in cash, even faster over the past few years due to rising sales and sound management. That’s allowed them to give money back to shareholders and to increase investment.”

“Critics don’t see it that way… Earlier this month Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said they would offer a proposal to sharply restrict stock buybacks unless companies invest more, especially in worker pay and benefits,” Bartash writes. “[Yet] hourly wages and total compensation for all American workers are growing more than 3% a year — the fastest rate in a decade.”

“If companies continue to generate huge amounts of extra cash, he said, they’ll simply shift from buying back stock to giving shareholders bigger annual dividends or special onetime dividends,” Bartash writes. “‘If companies generate so much cash, they will find other ways to return it to shareholders,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: While we’d certainly like to see more in the way of dividends for AAPL shareholders, we’d rather see Apple to continue to efficiently reduce the number of outstanding AAPL shares which, over time, generally drives the share price higher. That said, we do expect Apple to raise the dividend for shareholders later this spring.

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