Apple asks U.S. federal court circuit to reconsider $439 million VirnetX patent infringement ruling

“Apple is continuing its attempts to get out of paying VirnetX $439 million after being declared to have infringed on the firm’s patents, with the iPhone producer urging the federal court circuit to reconsider the verdict just weeks after the federal U.S. Court of Appeals denied Apple’s appeal over the verdict,” Malcolm Owen reports for AppleInsider.

“Rather than going to a higher court, Apple is asking for a reconsideration,” Owen reports. “According to Law360, Apple petitioned the entire Federal Circuit on Thursday to rehear a panel discussion that upheld the $439 million Eastern District of Texas jury verdict.”

“Apple has had some success in avoiding payment to VirnetX for patent infringement,” Owen reports. “The first lawsuit in 2010 claimed multiple instances of infringement, but while a Texas court ordered Apple to pay $368 million for infringing one patent, the judgement was vacated almost two years later. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: We hazard a guess that VirnetX is the main reason why Apple plans to close their retail stores in Eastern District of Texas.

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