“The Democratic National Committee knows perhaps more than any other political body in America just how catastrophic a breach of its physical or digital defenses can be,” Thomas Brewster reports for Forbes. “With the midterm elections and concomitant online threats looming, the Democrats are keen to avoid another digital disaster. As part of improving the digital defences across the party, the DNC is trying to get rid of Android devices, ZTE in particular, following the U.S. intelligence communities warnings about the Chinese manufacturer. A previous Reuters report noted Huawei was getting much the same treatment. And the DNC is choosing Apple over Google, promoting iPhones across not just its own staff, but campaigns, committees and state Democratic bodies too.”

“That’s according to Bob Lord, the chief information security officer at the DNC. Lord, who was previously in the same role at tech giant Yahoo, told Forbes that one key reason for choosing iPhones over Androids was that Apple provided patches for security weaknesses quicker than Google’s myriad device manufacturers,” Brewster reports. “It’s little surprise DNC is favoring the iPhone. Apple has consistently tried to improve security on its flagship device and the latest iPhones come with some big updates.”

“One of the more significant new features across Apple’s XS, XR and Watch 4 devices is a chip-level protection,” Brewster reports. “According to Adam Donenfeld, iOS cybersecurity researcher at Zimperium, it’s ‘the most advanced mitiation which Apple has ever released.’ ‘It closes a big chunk of vulnerabilities which everyone used and makes exploitation more difficult,’ he added.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Duh. Took ’em long enough to wise up.

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