“A Mac for under $500 is still a really attractive choice for many in the market for a new computer, and Apple certainly sells lots of these to people who don’t want the best Mac but still want a Mac,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“The Mac mini isn’t really so cheap. You need a keyboard. You need a display. You need a mouse,” Evans writes. “And while you may have all these things somewhere in your home, the cold reality is that the existing model is completely outclassed by the entry-level iPad in performance terms.”

“Though Mac mini still has some use as a Mac server, or as a gateway Mac drug for PC switchers, when it comes to more intensive work you’ll inevitably choose a higher-end Mac or an iOS device,” Evans writes. “Mac mini is irrelevant. What does it do well? Nothing, other than some use as a server. Most every other task you might once have invested in Apple’s smallest Mac to achieve can now be transacted on your phone, tablet, or even watch (particularly as a media server). What’s the point of it?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Poor neglected, ignored, maligned Mac mini.

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