Apple Watch: How to enable Elevated Heart Rate notifications

“Apple Watch has been credited multiple times for saving lives,” Peter Cao writes for 9to5Mac. “This is due to the device being heavily focused on health with detection features that can help spot health problems early on.”

“One of the latest features to come to Apple Watch is Elevated Heart Rate notifications,” Cao writes. “This allows the Watch to send you a push notification when your heart rate goes up, but the Watch detected that you are not actively working out. Usually this could mean another unrelated issue with your health.”

Cao writes, “When you’re wearing your Apple Watch, and not doing much (on the couch, watching a movie, for example), your Apple Watch will notify you if your heart rate goes past your BPM threshold.”

Simple instructions in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Enabling this feature just might save your life!

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  1. Plenty of good comments today on why products like the Mac Mini are important.

    The Mini use to be an Amazon bestseller until they neutered it by removing the quad core and sealing the RAM. (Why a DESKTOP — not a mobile like a phone — needs to be an inch or so thinner and lose so much functionality can only be answered by Apple’s fashionista designers ).

    Anyhow it’s baffling why Apple doesn’t remake them or update them regularly. If it had a simple design — which is all that is needed really — the R&D costs would be low and with today’s modern ‘just in time’ manufacturing there won’t be dangerous amounts of unsold merchandise rotting in warehouses if there’s limited demand .

    I believe though it would sell in decent amounts if Apple made a good device. Just too many uses for good small reasonably powerful headless l Mac.

    1. above should be in Mac Mini article.

      MDN website on my Mac not stable with the pop up ads.
      (I wasn’t even reading this Apple Watch article when I pressed post. The headline on the main page wasn’t even highlighted that I had been on the Watch page).

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