“Two more studies analyzing interactions with voice search and virtual assistants were released this week: one from Stone Temple Consulting and the other from digital agency ROAST,” Greg Sterling reports for Search Engine Land. “The latter focuses on Google and explores voice search for 22 verticals. Stone Temple’s report compares virtual assistants to one another in terms of accuracy and answer volume.”

“The Stone Temple report is a follow-up to its 2017 virtual assistant study and, therefore, it can provide insights into how voice search results have changed and improved in the past year. The 2018 study involved nearly 5,000 queries, compared across Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant (Home and smartphone) and Siri,” Sterling reports. “What the company found was that Google Assistant was again the strongest performer, with the highest answer volume and percentage of correct answers.”

“Cortana came in second, and Alexa saw the most dramatic improvement in terms of answer volume but also had the highest number of incorrect responses,” Sterling reports. “Siri also made improvements but was last across most measures in the test.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Go, John Giannandrea, go!

Apple released Siri, the first modern digital virtual assistant, in October 2011. Amazon released Alexa in November 2014. Google Assistant was released in May 2016… Why is Siri not regarded as far and away the best, but rather as notably worse than those later entrants?

Mismanagement of the project from the software to the marketing. — MacDailyNews, February 8, 2018

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