“A day after news broke of John Giannandrea’s departure from Google, it has emerged that the artificial intelligence (A.I.) and search specialist has gone to Apple in what is widely seen as a coup for the tech giant,” Trevor Mogg writes for Digital Trends.

“The 53-year-old Scot will head up Apple’s ‘machine learning and A.I. strategy,’ according to the NY Times, with efforts expected to focus on improving Siri, its digital assistant,” Mogg writes. “At a TechCrunch event in September 2017, Apple’s latest hire described computers as ‘incredibly powerful’ but also ‘pretty dumb … I think we need to work hard to make them fulfill the potential that they have and so that means teaching them to be smarter.'”

“Discussing where he believes technology is heading, the executive also described the likelihood of ‘pervasive computing’ that’s personalized, where computing power is built into the infrastructure throughout the environment instead of taken with us in a device like a smartphone,” Mogg writes. “He pointed to the Google Home smart speaker as an early indication of what’s coming, though now that he’s at Apple, his attention will be firmly fixed on advancing Apple’s recently released, Siri-enabled smart speaker, the HomePod.”

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Apple hires Google’s A.I. chief to improve Siri – April 4, 2018