Doctors find iPhone app better at assessing heart blood flow than ‘gold standard’ Allen test

“Scientists have found that a smartphone application performed a better wrist-artery blood flow assessment than a traditional physical examination when used on patients undergoing coronary angiography,” Lee Bell reports for V3.

“According to a randomised trial published by the University of Ottawa in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the smartphone application, which uses the phone’s camera function, is said to highlight the potential of phone apps to help doctors and consultants make decisions at the bedside,” Bell reports. “The findings were concocted by the University researchers by comparing the use of a heart-rate monitoring app called the Instant Heart Rate on an iPhone 4S using the modified Allen test, which measures blood flow in the radial and ulnar arteries of the wrist and thus access the heart for coronary angiography.”

“A total of 438 participants were split into two groups: one group was assessed using the app and the other was assessed using a ‘gold-standard traditional physical examination,’ known as the Allen test,” Bell reports. “The smartphone app had a diagnostic accuracy of 94 percent compared with 84 percent using the traditional method.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s a new gold standard in town: Apple’s iPhone!

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