“Apple appears to be focusing in a big way on Siri, evidenced by a major hiring spree aimed at enhancing its oft–criticized digital assistant,” Trevor Mogg reports for Digital Trends.

“According to data-tracker firm Thinknum, the tech giant has recently ramped up efforts to expand its team of Siri engineers, culminating in a posting one day last week that listed 161 Siri-related positions,” Mogg reports. “Siri’s limited skill set — especially when compared to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant — and occasional inability to understand spoken instructions has left some users frustrated, an annoyance brought to the fore with the recently launched HomePod, which places Siri front and center. Apple clearly hopes to fix all that with an injection of new engineers.”

Mogg reports, “News of Apple’s hiring spree comes just weeks after Forbes reported on how Amazon is hiring a whopping 1,147 people to work on Alexa, ‘more than Google is hiring for product and technical roles across the entire Alphabet conglomerate, including YouTube, Waymo, Google Fiber, and — of course — the main money maker in the Alphabet empire: the original Google.'”

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