“I recently replaced my Apple iPhone 8 Plus with an iPhone X, and so far my impressions of the latter device have been positive,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “The display is excellent, the touch responsiveness is a big improvement over that in prior iPhone models, and the new, nearly bezel-free design is a welcome improvement in aesthetics — it’s a beautiful product.”

“Nevertheless, while the iPhone X is a great device that, after a period of adjustment, is a joy to use, there are some ways that I think Apple could make it quite a lot better,” Eassa writes. “To that end, here are two things I think Apple should improve upon in future product releases.”

“As somebody who has primarily used Apple’s larger iPhone Plus models over the last several years, the iPhone X seems downright small,” Eassa writes. “A phone that’s similar in design to the current iPhone X but with the physical footprint of an iPhone 8 Plus would be the ultimate device in my view, especially given the enormous amount of screen that Apple could fit on such a device.”

Apple's iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X

“When Face ID works, it’s incredible. And fortunately, it seems to work well in many common scenarios. I’m quickly becoming accustomed to it,” Eassa writes. “However, there are several situations that I’ve found in which Face ID simply doesn’t work that well — if at all.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We have so few issues with Face ID that we’re surprised when we hear people having any issues with it whatsoever. Are people rushing through the Face ID setup, perhaps? If so, resetting your Face ID and rescanning your face might improve your Face ID experience.

As for a larger iPhone X device: Bring on our next iPhones!

[iPhone X] is just such a great device, but Apple (likely very carefully and intentionally) made it just a bit too small for our taste (baking in the impetus to upgrade this year), so we’re very much looking forward to the rumored 6.5-inch “iPhone X Pro” said to be coming this fall.MacDailyNews, January 2, 2018

While we will thoroughly enjoy our nearly perfect iPhone X units for the next 11 months, we’re definitely looking forward to the 6.5-inch “iPhone Pro” or “iPhone X Plus” or whatever they call it!MacDailyNews, December 8, 2017

‘Twas readily discernible differentiation, and not just in screen size, but in camera hardware and features that has sold and continues to sell many Plus model iPhones. ProMotion – especially and naturally coupled with Apple Pencil support – would be a strong reason to choose iPhone X Plus, iPhone X Pro*, or whatever they name it.

*”Pro” means Apple Pencil support already, so it makes sense to use “Pro” for any iPhone with Apple Pencil support, too. – MacDailyNews, November 28, 2017