The new Sonos One has Amazon Alexa built-in.

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous and David Pogue discuss the latest device.

I’m in love… Now they’ve built an Alexa into the Sonos. So I can ask Alexa, “What time is it in Paris?” And, more to the point, I can ask for any music I want. I can walk home, take off my jacket, throw my keys in the bowl, and say, “Play light jazz” or “Play cooking music.” It is exactly what you’r want and they’re not charging a penny more than the one that doesn’t have Alexa built in…

The Apple HomePod is the same idea, but is much bigger and much better sounding and much more expensive. That’ll be $350 and, by the way, delayed. It will not be out in time for Christmas. It’ll be out in 2018… so [the Sonos with Alexa] is half the price, Sonos has their act together… The Sonos understands both Amazon Echo commands an, shortly, when a software update comes, Google commands. So, this one device will understand both “Ok, Google” and “Alexa” [commands]… It’s platform agnostic. So, Apple’s thing with only work with Siri commands, Google’s thing will only work with Google commands, this will – well, it won’t work with Apple, but – it’ll work with everybody else. – David Pogue

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: We are watching — live in super slo-mo, right before our eyes — Apple squander an exceedingly important area where they had staked out a tremendous lead – voice-controlled personal assistants, home automation; basically, “the living room” — due to lack of focus, lack of vision, laziness, mismanagement, and/or ineptitude.

Apple led with Apple TV (released January 9, 2007) and Siri (acquired in April 2010), each by many years, and they’ve been flushing that lead down the crapper ever since, thanks to years of aimless, sloth-like dithering.

If you were to tell us that you’re tired of waiting for the world’s most valuable company with $260+ billion dollars on-hand to finally get their shit together and have decided to go with Roku and Sonos instead, we could hardly blame you.

The yawning gulf between visionary CEO and caretaker CEO is currently on impressive display.

Steve Jobs handed Tim Cook the keys to the personal assistant and content streaming kingdoms and Tim Cook promptly lost them. Hopefully, he can find them before it’s too late. Apple has a lot of catching up to do.

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