“The Apple Watch Series 2, Apple’s new flagship wearable, takes the niche-popularity Apple Watch and adds much-needed features such as GPS; improves and ratifies its waterproofing capabilities; and ups the processor clock speed so that (in concert with the streamlined watchOS 3 software) the device should be noticeably faster in use,” David Price writes for Macworld UK.

“The new Apple Watch Series 2 takes the main complaints about the attractive but flawed original Apple Watch – slow operation, lack of GPS, limited water resistance, short battery life – and solves or at least improves them systematically,” Price writes. “Having completed in-depth battery tests – it really is noticeably better in this regard than its predecessor, even compared to when that device was new – and spent more time with the Series 2, we now feel that, given the quality of the design and OS and the numerous improvements on the first-gen model, the price is justified, and the Series 2 is worthy of a rare Macworld five-star rating.”

“If you’re into fitness tracking with a sprinkling of notifications and superb integration with the iPhone, this is a near-perfect option,” Price writes. “The Apple Watch Series 2 is a great wearable, and the only one we’ve seen that feels like it has any chance at all of taking wearables into the mainstream.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve worn Apple Watches every day since Day One. We cannot live without them. It’d be too much of a step back. we’d lose too much productivity. Our Apple Watch Series 2 units (Apple Watch Nike+ models, to be exact) as a significant step up from our original Apple Watch (Series 0) devices. We recommend them over Apple Watch Series 1, unless you’re really sure you do not and will never want/need built-in GPS and GLONASS, water resistance to 50 meters, and/or a 2X brighter display.

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