“Getting rid of the home button could be one of the greatest things Apple could do for the iPhone 8,” Buster Hein reports for Cult of Mac.

“Rumors have been swirling for months that Apple plans to embed Touch ID into the screen in order to ditch the home button,” Hein reports. “A fantastic new concept imagines how Apple could use that extra screen real estate to make navigating the iOS faster than ever.”

“Instead of making users tap around to unlock a menu of icons, the new concept from iDropNews acts kind of like a mini-Touch Bar from the new MacBook Pro,” Hein reports. “Icons would be displayed dynamically based on what app your in and functions you’re performing.”

iDropNews "Function Area" concept

iDropNews “Function Area” concept

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MacDailyNews Note: Check out iDropNews‘ full iPhone 8 Function Area image gallery here.

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