“The recently released iPhone 7 looks a lot like its predecessor, which in turn looks a lot like the iPhone 5,” Amanda Kooser reports for CNET. “It’s a practical design, but some Apple fans would like to see a more drastic change in the aesthetics. YouTube channel ParipateticPandas is one of those.”

MacDailyNews Note: iPhone 7, along with iPhone 6/s, feature a distinctive case design vs. iPhone 5/s.

“‘I couldn’t bear another iPhone with the same, slippery design…I just couldn’t,’ ParipateticPandas writes. ‘It was time to take matters into my own hands,'” Kooser reports. “It took some precise circular blade cuts and a belt sander to trim down the smartphone’s edges.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Seems a bit extreme, not to mention worrisome when it comes to structural integrity, but, hey ParipateticPandas certainly has a unique iPhone!