Shaving down an iPhone 7 with a circular saw and belt sander gives it a unique look

“The recently released iPhone 7 looks a lot like its predecessor, which in turn looks a lot like the iPhone 5,” Amanda Kooser reports for CNET. “It’s a practical design, but some Apple fans would like to see a more drastic change in the aesthetics. YouTube channel ParipateticPandas is one of those.”

MacDailyNews Note: iPhone 7, along with iPhone 6/s, feature a distinctive case design vs. iPhone 5/s.

“‘I couldn’t bear another iPhone with the same, slippery design…I just couldn’t,’ ParipateticPandas writes. ‘It was time to take matters into my own hands,'” Kooser reports. “It took some precise circular blade cuts and a belt sander to trim down the smartphone’s edges.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Seems a bit extreme, not to mention worrisome when it comes to structural integrity, but, hey ParipateticPandas certainly has a unique iPhone!


    1. I have to agree, as if shaving the edges makes the phone better what a joke. More over who is he to criticize someone else’s design if all he is going to do is shave off some material. He has damaged the strength of the phone and it will now bend easier, crush easier and of course he will be screaming online about it. He is like that jackass who buys a 1200.00 Honda junk box and puts 20,000.00 worth of add on crap on it to make it his. I love it I can almost smell the “AXE” male body spray that warns me of a jackass approaching. If he is so amazing make your own outer case it sure looks like you have the tools your just missing the talent that you presume to have by your article.

  1. I do not like the case design of the iPhone 6 nor 7. Too slippery but that is what a case is for.

    I jumped for joy when I found a case that made my new 6 look like a 5S (squared edges and thicker). now it is something I can hold onto.

    1. lol – I didn’t buy a 4 or 5, because I absolutely can’t stand the squared-off look.
      When they came out with the sleeker looking 6, I immediately bought one. And got a case for it with rounded edges.

      Different strokes …

  2. That’s amazing, I hate the bubble look of iPhone 6/+, 6s/+, 7/+. I’m just glad they finally brought back black, and unfortunately doing this to one of those would strip off all the black. Why is it that Apple can’t dye the molten metal before molding it, so that it’s not just a thin black coating but the entire frame is solid black?

  3. I like the aesthetic effect I get from distressing the back panel with pure acid. Nasty stuff.

    And now people ask me, “Hey, what happened to your phone?”

  4. It looks better now. Apple’s 4/4S/5/5S design was the best. A company that should be concerned about people dropping their phones designed devices that slip out of our hands much more easily.

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