“Some Mac owners are reporting problems with external monitors and the use of scaled resolutions since installing macOS Sierra earlier this week,” Tim Hardwick reports for MacRumors.

“Several MacRumors readers using 4K displays have described the disappearance of scaled HiDPI resolutions beyond 1920×1080 since updating from OS X El Capitan, leaving their options reduced to 1080p or a non-scaled native resolution of 3840×2160,” Hardwick reports. “Monitors with native 1440p resolutions also seem to have had HiDPI scaling options removed.”

“Owners of larger displays often use Apple’s scaled HiDPI resolutions offered in Display preferences to enjoy increased desktop space without reducing the legibility of tex,” Hardwick reports. “MacRumors can also confirm that the issue appears to be software-related, since the scaled resolutions reappear when affected Macs are rolled back to OS X El Capitan. The issue does not seem to be limited to a particular monitor brand and the latest Public Beta (10.12.1) of Sierra released on Thursday does not reinstate the missing resolutions. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: This seems like a bug, not an intentional removal on Apple’s part.