It’s not McLaren Racing, but McLaren Applied Technologies, that’s the apple of Apple’s eye

“It’s really not McLaren, the racing car company which competes in races around the world, that is likely to be the apple of Apple’s eye, but a particular arm of the company,” Mike Butcher writes for TechCrunch.

“Five years ago, McLaren launched a consulting firm. McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT) took the knowledge and practices of the racing industry and started to apply them in just about every industry you can think of,” Butcher explains. “MAT has designed better health monitoring systems; created a scheduling system for Heathrow Airport that reduces flight delays; cut the time oil and gas drillers spend on exploration based on better data; sped up drug trials run by pharmaceutical companies and reduced the time their production plants are idle.”

“The likelihood of Apple picking up the whole of McLaren and getting into motor racing is slim,” Butcher writes. “Apple is more likely to want the incredible team and technologies developed inside MAT, while McLaren needs MAT to maintain its competitiveness in racing. And who would say no to a strategic investment from the most interesting technology giant in the world that apparently also wants to make the cars of the future?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Make sense.

Once again, McLaren can issue non-denial denials all they want, but there are too many reports with too many sources to believe them.

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    1. But as the article states McLaren needs both sides of that company, if it is to flourish. Investment in the AT side or a new branch of it supporting Apples specific needs, would be more likely and help McLaren expand that side to the advantage of both rather like the situation with Apple and Arm originally.

  1. The big issue here is if Apple wants to “tie up” MAT and stop all other technology development to do only auto stuff for Apple.

    That would reduce MAT’s broad techno investigations in other industries that give them such a broad competency including the new things that might benefit Apple eventually.

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