Apple releases iOS 10.0.2

Apple today released iOS 10.0.2 whic hincludes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone or iPad. This update:

• Addresses an issue that could prevent headphone audio controls from temporarily not working
• Resolves an issue that caused Photos to quit for some users when turning on iCloud Photo Library
• Fixes an issue that prevented enabling some app extensions

For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:


  1. Rather than being sloppy the speed at which Apple is addressing early glitches is more reassuring than taking to long to fix problems.

    Personally, I always delay updates (iOS or macOS/OSX) until the third release of a new version unless it related to security. I got burnt with OS8 and, coupled with a perusal or the early adopters posts has served me well over the years.

    1. That’s because, since you apparently don’t know this already, when you update via iTunes, it pulls down the entire universal image for iOS so that iTunes has that available to update any device you might connect. It cannot do a “differential” update, since it has to be ready for anything.
      If you update FROM the device itself (Settings->General->Software Update), it only downloads what it needs for that specific device, so the download is faster (and probably the install, as well).
      That’s been true for a couple years now. I recommend it, and so does Apple.

  2. The update still didn’t fix itune scoll ing issue. It still freezes and some issue with some site when you open up the picture the keyboard goes sideways in the middle of the picture

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