U.S. FCC filing reveals unknown Apple wireless device with Bluetooth and NFC

“Following the launch of iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 this month, a mysterious wireless Apple device has passed through the FCC that doesn’t seem to line up with any known Apple products,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“Referred to in the filings as simply a wireless device with model number A1844, what we do know is that the product includes Bluetooth and NFC functionality,” Kahn reports. “t’s also a low-powered device rated to draw between 100mA and 700mA and between 5.5V and 13.2V.”

In addition, we see only two torx screws visible on the bottom plate of the device where the regulatory markings are shown… although exact dimensions aren’t shown.”

Apple's U.S. FCC regulatory filing for a mysterious "model number A1844"
Apple’s U.S. FCC regulatory filing for a mysterious “model number A1844”

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