“Apple’s new mobile news app will be slick, user-friendly and loaded with cool features — unless you’re an advertiser, that is,” James Covert reports for The New York Post. “”

“In its zeal to create a distinctive product, Apple News is also drawing complaints from Madison Avenue about tight, unconventional restrictions on ad formats and strict approval hurdles for campaigns, industry insiders say,” Fingas reports. “‘We’re like Taylor Swift,’ one senior news executive told The Post, likening the situation to the blonde singer’s business beef with Apple Music this summer. ‘[Apple News is] giving us some great ways to distribute our product, but they’re not giving us a lot of ways to monetize it.'”

“With tensions rising, Apple CEO Tim Cook has backed off some of the hard controls previously imposed on Apple News and its user experience. For example, Apple News recently allowed publishers to embed articles with links back to their own Web sites, sources said,” Fingas reports. “Some ad execs gripe that popular tools for online ad firms, such as real-time bidding for placements, aren’t yet part of the launch. Some are also chafing at a requirement that Apple approve every campaign with 48 hours’ notice. Perhaps most telling, Apple News has refused to accommodate one of the most popular tools for placing and tracking online ads — Doubleclick, the ad-serving platform owned by Google. That, insiders say, signals a fresh front in Apple’s battle with Google, whose ads are also being targeted by a new blocking feature for Apple’s Safari Web browser.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s really very simple. If the content producers aren’t able to properly monetize through Apple News, then they won’t distribute their content via Apple News. Apple News will then cease to exist. If Apple wishes to avoid Pingifying Apple News, they will need to find the proper balance.

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