“As Samsung’s recent second-quarter earnings pre-announcement made clear, the company’s smartphone business is facing some trouble right now,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“At the low end, Samsung is getting squeezed by several aggressive budget vendors selling dirt cheap phones in emerging markets. At the top, Samsung is still facing intense competition from Apple and its insanely popular iPhone lineup,” Epstein reports. “In fact, demand for Apple’s flagship iPhone 5s is still so huge that sales of Samsung’s latest hero phone, the Galaxy S5, couldn’t even top iPhone 5s sales in the Galaxy phone’s first full month on store shelves.”

“Market research firm Counterpoint surveyed 35 markets accounting for 90% of global iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5 sales, and its findings are somewhat staggering. According to the firm, Apple’s iPhone 5s outsold Samsung’s Galaxy S5 handset by 40% in May,” Epstein reports. “May, by the way, was the Galaxy S5′s first full month of sales following mid-April launches in 150 countries including the United States.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is a “hero phone” only to ignorati who settle for third-rate knockoffs the world over.

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