“Apple has pulled its iTunes store from the Christian Values Network due to what it sees as the network’s contributions to controversial groups, as tech companies tread carefully in the midst of complicated social issues,” Joe Arico reports for Mobiledia.

“The Cupertino, Calif.-based company removed iTunes from the list of stores on CVN.org after the company discovered CVN had made contributions to what the Southern Poverty Law Center deemed ‘active hate groups,'” Arico reports. “Apple was made aware of CVN’s actions by Western Washington University student Ben Crowthe, who started a petition against Apple’s connections to the group on Change.org, citing CVN’s support of groups he characterized as anti-gay and anti-women.”

Arico reports, “Apple is not the first company to remove one of its offerings from CVN. Microsoft pulled itself off of the website two weeks ago, also a result of a customer-driven campaign on Change.org. The two companies join Macy’s, Wells Fargo, Delta Airlines, BBC America and others that have all removed their online stores from the site.”

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