Apple patent application details improved batteries via redesigned ‘jelly rolls’

“Battery life in future iPhones and MacBook Pros could be improved with Apple’s concept for a new, redesigned battery containing multiple ‘jelly rolls’ enclosed in a single pouch,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Jelly rolls, also known as Swiss rolls, are found in cylindrical, rechargeable batteries, like a typical AA, AAA or D batteries,” Hughes reports. “In the design, anode and cathode material is laid down and divided by a separator, and then rolled up into a hollow cylinder.”

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Hughes reports, “Apple is now looking to expand on the jelly roll design, according to a new patent application discovered this week by AppleInsider. The filing, dubbed ‘Battery with Multiple Jelly Rolls in a Single Pouch,’ aims to improve the existing lithium batteries found in most electronic devices, including the iPhone, iPad and portable Macs.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward Weber” for the heads up.]


  1. Why not simply move to LiFePo4 carbon nanotube batteries? 1/2 the size with 10 times capacity. Tests have already been done on an iPhone 3GS. Battery the size of a 20c coin charged to 100% in 8 seconds and lasted 33 days of full use.

    1. Apple is already long past LiFePo4… they are already have a hypersphere battery in the lab which they have shifted into the 4th and 5th dimensions. As a result, the battery presents it’s self as an infinitely thin circle within our 3 dimensions. It is essentially (just) an immense capacitor so It has an almost unlimited lifespan, will charge in a couple hundred nanoseconds and run a current MBP continuously for 6 months on a single charge;-)

  2. Quite possibly that this patent is already implemented. Apple’s patents/applications usually can divided into three groups:
    1) technologies that can not be done currently at all: impossible or impractical (large part);
    2) technologies that can not be done, but Apple chose not to (software/UI patent applications);
    3) things that are already done in real products (all of iPhone-related hundreds of patents, and possibly this patent which is discussed in the article).

    So the future tense of this article does not have much sense: this is either already done in Apple’s batteries (produced in Apple’s Japan factories), or it might take years, if ever, to implement due to difficulty and/or cost, or this technology is just one of many methods, but Apple chose to use something better than that (but the method has to be patented anyway as invention).

    1. The makers of the jelly rolls that were the inspiration for Mr. Morton’s nickname are still arguing with his estate. I’m sure they will appreciate the opportunity to sue Apple for a piece of the $67 billion Apple has in cash.

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