Motorola expects to move 1.3 to 1.5 million fake iPads this year

“Motorola said on Thursday that it expects to sell 1.3 million to 1.5 million tablets for the full year, after selling 440,000 devices in the just-reported second quarter,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“In providing guidance along with its quarterly results, Motorola said it expects tablet sales to drop in the current quarter as its Xoom faces greater competition from a range of other tablets running Google’s Honeycomb operating system and as it prepares new products,” Fried reports. “Average selling prices have also dropped, in part as the company has cut prices.”

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Fried reports, “Speaking on the company’s conference call with analysts, CEO Sanjay Jha also commented on the company’s patent portfolio in the wake of investor Carl Icahn suggesting the company consider selling off some of its patents. Noting the company has more than 17,000 patents granted and over 7,000 patents pending, Jha said the company is always reviewing its options. With new companies entering the mobile space, he said, ‘our patent portfolio in increasingly important.'”

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    1. CostCo has a big dusty pallet of them in the entrance. Actually fake paper ones in a wretched CostCo blisterpak. Far cry form a Mecca like apple retail store. No wonder Apple told CostCo not too politely to f$ck off. Poor Moto has no other place to go that will take these things by the pallet load.

    2. The fact that you even contemplated buying one, much less taking it home before deciding it was a POS and returning it, just floors me. If you were a regular patron of this forum, then you had plenty of information to guide you in avoiding that mistake.

  1. That crappy little company makes me want to puke. They’re an embarrassment to the cellphone industry. I company that was once a cellphone powerhouse is now just a struggling wannabe. The RAZR was a one-hit wonder and since then the company has been going quickly downhill to the chagrin of shareholders and employees alike. They need to exit the smartphone and tablet business before they become America’s leading example of how not to run a business.

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