Demand for Apple’s iPhone 15 models is exceeding expectations – analyst

iPhone 15
iPhone 15

Wedbush Senior Equity Research Analyst Dan Ives says the demand for Apple’s iPhone 15 has outstripped the previous model by an estimated 10 to 12%, while gaining market share in China.

“If you look at lead times in terms of iPhone deliveries, we are still ahead of iPhone 14 and it’s actually extending,” he says on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

MacDailyNews Take: Better than expected iPhone 15 demand is certainly good news for Apple shareholders once the current malaise evaporates.

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    1. “Literally red hot” means that your phone got so hot that it was glowing red. Gorilla glass would have to be heated to near 1000 degrees F for it to glow red! If that is the case, I suggest that you return your phone immediately because it could ignite your clothes, your desk or nearly anything else it comes in proximity to. Play it safe; get android phone ASAP.

    1. Spoken like someone who swallowed the hype hook line & sinker.

      There are many important reasons Apple has avoided using it in any significant parts. Liquid Metal is just a marketing campaign for a thin part casting process. Castings are not as strong as billet, extrusion, or forging. So if you want weak metallic parts prone to cracking, by all means, keep begging for LM. Apple has made the right decision to avoid it.

        1. Get Real is 100% correct.

          Dave, your beloved LM clubs flopped on the market due to durability problems. You can’t buy them anymore. Go ahead and find some lightly used ones on eBay if you think they were so wonderful.

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