Apple expands supplier clean energy commitments

Apple on Tuesday announced expanded progress to decarbonize its global supply chain, with more than 300 manufacturers now committed to using 100 percent clean energy for their Apple production by 2030. New commitments from more than 50 suppliers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia have driven recent growth in Apple’s Supplier Clean Energy Program, which now represents over 90 percent of the company’s direct manufacturing spend. The milestone brings Apple closer to its ambitious goal to be “Carbon Neutral” across every product by 2030.

Apple unveils its first 'Carbon Neutral' products

“As we experience record temperatures and devastating storms, we all have an urgent responsibility to reduce emissions and protect against the worst impacts of climate change,” said Sarah Chandler, Apple’s vice president of Environment and Supply Chain Innovation, in a statement. “At Apple, we’re proud that so many of our suppliers are taking action as we drive progress toward a carbon neutral future.”

Already “Carbon Neutral” for its global corporate operations since 2020, Apple’s 2030 strategy is centered on the science-based target of reducing emissions by 75 percent by the end of the decade. Since 2015, Apple has worked in close partnership with its global suppliers to address the electricity used to manufacture Apple products. Manufacturing is the single largest source of emissions in the company’s carbon dioxide footprint, and powering it with 100 percent clean energy is a key driver in making all Apple products “Carbon Neutral” — like those in the new Apple Watch lineup.

Select case and band combinations of Apple Watch Series 9 are Apple’s first-ever carbon neutral products.
Select case and band combinations of Apple Watch Series 9 are Apple’s first-ever “Carbon Neutral” products.

Suppliers operating in 28 countries have committed to bringing over 20 gigawatts of renewable energy online through Apple’s Supplier Clean Energy Program. Newly committed partners in advanced manufacturing technologies include Skyworks Solutions, Analog Devices, Cirrus Logic, and more in the U.S., and Renesas Electronics in Japan. The number of participating Korean suppliers has grown nearly 30 percent this year, to 23. In China, 14 more companies have pledged to use clean energy since April 2023, including Jingmen GEM, a supplier of key recycled material used in Apple products. Across Europe, companies including Sappi Limited, LeMur, and Schoeller Textil AG have recently joined, bringing the total to 34 suppliers.

Apple has been tracking yearly progress on suppliers reducing their Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, and in the fall of 2022, the company called on suppliers to decarbonize their Apple production by 2030. In 2022, the 13.7 gigawatts of renewable electricity online in Apple’s supply chain avoided 17.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions — the equivalent of removing nearly 3.8 million cars from the road. With support from Apple to identify sources of high-quality renewable energy, many suppliers have also chosen to decarbonize beyond their Apple production.

As a result of Apple’s environmental efforts, the company has cut its overall emissions by over 45 percent since 2015, even as its business has grown. Apple continues to invest in innovative environmental approaches — including low-carbon product design, new recycling technologies, its Restore Fund, and $4.7 billion in Green Bonds.

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    1. They literally made an entire skit around their god/master “Mother Nature” (of course a black woman) ominously wearing all black for some esoteric, probably demonic reason.

      Did Lisa Jackson say that their goal is to remove all carbon from the atmosphere? These people are insane and they are in charge of a 3-trillion dollar weapon aimed at all normal people.

  1. If I hear the words “reduce our carbon footprint” one more time!!

    Nobody wants to damage the environment. If there is a better, safer, cleaner way to do something, that’s great. Go for it! But, Apple, tone it down a little. We tune in for the products, not to hear about how much plastic will be used in the box/ packaging 7 years from now.

  2. I’ve decided to stop cycling and will not engage in any fitness activities as heightened breathing brings more CO2 into the environment. Please…can we, will you employ similar measures (be creative–that’s the Apple way) to lessen your imprint on this wonderful globe that we inhabit?
    Btw, sometimes such measures just look good and they are acceptable too…as people will presume you are doing it for the planet.

  3. According to the article, Apple’s moving forward with titanium phones and watches is a boon for Chinese producers to the tune of an additional 10,000 tons per year. So much for Apple’s claim of being carbon neutral. China’s environmental record is anything but carbon neutral.

    Apple’s carbon neutral claims are all lies. Damn lies. Symbolism over substance!!

    Click to access WCD-version-081423.pdf

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