France orders Apple to pull iPhone 12 from market claiming ‘high radiation levels’

The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) is demanding that Apple withdraw the iPhone 12 from the French market as of September 12, 2023, due to what it claims is an excessive specific absorption rate (SAR) limit observed on this model. The ANFR urges Apple to take all available measures to quickly remedy this issue. If not, Apple will be required to recall the phones that have already been sold.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini come in six stunning finishes: blue, green, black, white, (PRODUCT)RED, and the all-new purple.
iPhone 12

As part of its mission to monitor the radio equipment market and control public exposure to electromagnetic waves, the ANFR conducts checks on mobile phones placed on the French market. It recently checked the SAR values of 141 phones, including the Apple iPhone 12. SAR is a measure of the energy transported by electromagnetic waves and absorbed by the human body.

The phones are then subjected to control measures by accredited laboratories, which allow the ANFR to ensure that the SAR values comply with European regulations. These regulations require that the devices be evaluated in contact with the body for the “member” SAR (i.e., a handheld phone or in a trouser pocket) and at a distance of 5 mm for the “trunk” SAR (i.e., a phone worn in a jacket pocket or in a bag). The devices must comply with the regulatory limit values of 4 W/kg for the “member” SAR and 2 W/kg for the “trunk” SAR.

ANFR measurements revealed a “member” SAR value exceeding this limit, at 5.74 W/kg. The “trunk” SAR values, on the other hand, are compliant.

Therefore, ANFR demands that Apple must immediately take all measures to prevent the availability on the market of the phones concerned that are present in the supply chain. For phones that have already been sold, Apple must take corrective measures as soon as possible to make the phones concerned compliant. If not, Apple will be required to recall them.

The corrective update of these phones will, of course, be monitored by the ANFR.

ANFR sworn agents have been instructed to verify from Tuesday, September 12, that these models are no longer offered for sale in all distribution channels available in France.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple no longer sells the iPhone 12, including in France, which was released nearly four years ago on October 23, 2020 and discontinued on September 12, 2023.

Ah, the wondrous expediency of government bureaucrats.

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  1. How much unnecessary electromagnetic energy is expended by these beuro-craps in producing all these rubbish “findings”.

    We should reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating THEM!

  2. BREAKING NEWS: France releases statement demanding the 1995 SAAB 9000 Turbo be immediately removed from the market, as it does not comply to RoHS standards.

    “The scariest words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan.

    Everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING, government sticks it’s camels nose under the private market tent, will screw things up, slow things down, and cost much more.

    EU’s USB-C demand. Pathetic… What did Apple have under its sleeve to replace Lightening that would likely be the next leap over USB-C? Who knows, but now hundreds of millions of cables will soon be landfill. This in an effort by the EU regulators to make standards which keep the planet clean.

    And of course, the EU in their lack of brilliance, it’s just the physical standard. So $4.99 cables might only provide power and no data. Others not even close to the data speeds USB-C is capable of.

    In other words, they’ll all look the same, but consumers will buy multiple’s of the came cable to get what they wanted in the first place. Brilliant.

    And for the future? Will the EU now we designing faster USB-C specs, or designing the next generation of great wired data and power cable? Not likely… And anyone else, any consortium has no motivation to try and do anything new as it must likely be moved to becoming the next EU standard, thus making USB-C and it’s specs the law of the land for at least a decade, destroying innovation and moving data and it’s transfer forward in any meaningful way.

    Competition unleashes innovation, efficiencies and progress – not bureaucracies…

    Fascism anyone?

  3. The French govt is run by a power hungry midget. He’ll instruct officials to upset any country or company that he thinks are becoming to dominant. He needs to be shown the guillotine.

  4. So, 4 years too late with this “reveal”?? Where was this info back in 2020? I carried an iPhone 12 in my pants and shirt pockets for 3 years and now they let us know that it doesn’t meet their standards? Bureaucrats are always ridiculously useless.

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