Kremlin tells Russian officials to stop using Apple iPhones by April 1st

The Kremlin told officials involved in preparations for Russia’s 2024 presidential election to stop using Apple iPhones because of concerns that the devices are vulnerable to Western intelligence agencies, Kommersant reported.

Kremlin tells officials to stop using Apple iPhones by April 1st


At a Kremlin-organised seminar for officials involved in domestic politics, Sergei Kiriyenko, first deputy head of the presidential administration, told officials to change their phones by April 1, Kommersant said, citing unidentified sources.

“It’s all over for the iPhone: either throw it away or give it to the children,” Kommersant quoted one of the participants of the meeting as saying. “Everyone will have to do it in March.”

When asked about the issue on Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he could not confirm the report… The Kremlin may provide other devices with different operating systems to replace the iPhones, Kommersant said.

MacDailyNews Take: Perfect! They deserve to wallow in inferior, self-handicapped squalor.

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  1. Comrades, we must fully support Huawei phones for secure communications, their HarmonyOS world leading operating system and secure entertainment app TikTok, only to guard Mother Russia from outside interference to our peaceful homeland in daily harmony with neighboring countries. /s

      1. No matter who wins this war, Russia will lose.

        Ukraine, for the rest of Europe, is the Killing Fields of young Russians to stop them from moving on to the Baltics and Poland.

        In the end both countries will be decimated (unless Putin ‘catches a cold’…).

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