American Family Association pushes back against ‘pregnant man’ emoji

The American Family Association is pushing back against the Unicode Consortium’s addition of a “pregmant man” emoji, a recent instance of what it is calling “corporate cultural indoctrination.”

Pregnant man, pregnant person emoji coming to Apple iPhones
Pregnant man, pregnant person emoji on Apple iPhones

The Unicode Consortium selects the emoji icons used by the world’s smartphones.

Maureen Mackey for Fox News:

In a statement on Monday, the AFA, based in Tupelo, Mississippi, reacted to news of Apple’s iPhone emojis for iOS 15.4… “Apple also rolled out more than 100 innocuous emojis such as new smiley faces,” the AFA said, in part, in its media statement. “Through this seemingly casual introduction of ‘woke’ emojis, Apple joins the ranks of corporate giants such as Disney and Netflix in the list of companies creating a stir as they promote gender confusion through their products.”

AFA’s Ed Vitagliano, executive vice president — speaking of Apple’s latest update — said that in his view, the new “woke” emojis foster “even more confusion for those who might already be struggling with their identities.”

“We can all hope that the lunacy being exhibited by corporate America in its thirst for woke approval will one day be rejected,” he said, “by the vast majority of people in this country.” He added, “This woke pandering is also quite sad, as there really are people who are struggling with their identity and feel lost.”

“The answer isn’t to encourage them to continue wandering aimlessly in the darkness of their delusion, because that will only prolong their suffering,” he said.

In a recent opinion piece about the pregnant man emoji and what it signifies, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce wrote, “The ‘pregnant man’ does not exist. There are biological women who identify as men but still have their reproductive systems intact and, voila, are capable of getting pregnant. Recognizing that is not transphobia, and it also shouldn’t be ‘news.’ It’s a fact,” she said. She was sharing her views, she noted in her piece, “as a gay woman and former liberal community organizer in the 1990s.”

MacDailyNews Take: Or you could always use it as an “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” or, as Elon Musk recently did on Twitter, as a “fat, out of shape” glyph for the thief who ripped off the Mac UI (poorly) way back when:

MacDailyNews Note: The Unicode standard merely offers a description, a Unicode code, and a basic pictograph. It’s up for operating system creators and font makers like Apple, Alphabet, etc. to customize the emoji as they see fit. That’s why emoji look different on each platform.

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    1. @AustinX, nobody wants to watch? Speaking for everyone, not good! Only snowflakes need hand holding and exclaimers before they dip their toes into the pool, pity.

      Mucho Gracias @Synthmeister!

      Bill Maher is a lifelong left leaning person everyone can admire. Speaks the cold hard truth and skewers everybody, right and left, in this video. His goal is the common good and has my respect for his evolution in thinking.

      As MDN is often fond of writing: Highly Recommended…

  1. Thank you, MDN, for referring to this emoji as what is it — and NOT as a pregnant man. Too bad your loyal cadre of MAGA commenters are still up in arms over this nothing-burger…

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