Apple’s 27-inch iMac is no more

With the announcement of the head-less Mac Studio desktop today, the 27-inch Intel-handicapped iMac disappeared from Apple’s online store. The 24-inch iMac is currently the only iMac available.

27‑inch iMac with Retina 5K display
Apple’s 27‑inch iMac with Retina 5K display

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Andrew Cunningham for Ars Techinca:

The 24-inch iMac is currently the only iMac referenced in the navigation bar, and all existing direct links to its 27-inch counterpart now redirect to the Mac page. Even more mystifying, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that there was only “one more” Mac that had yet to make the transition to Apple Silicon—and the system he named was the Mac Pro, not the larger iMac.

Don’t hold a funeral for the big iMac just yet. Persistent rumors from multiple sources have suggested for months that a new big-screened Mac all-in-one is in the works. According to those rumors, the device would combine a large Mini LED screen with the higher-end versions of Apple’s processors. Don’t hold a funeral for the big iMac just yet. Persistent rumors from multiple sources have suggested for months that a new big-screened Mac all-in-one is in the works. According to those rumors, the device would combine a large Mini LED screen with the higher-end versions of Apple’s processors.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple has confirmed to multiple media outlets that the 27-inch iMac has reached end of life.

See also: What fills the gap left by Apple’s 27-inch iMac discontinuation?

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    1. Do you have a specific performance need that cannot be served by an M1 Mac mini? Is the base Studio outside your budget?

      If you’re sensitive to desk space, it’s almost guaranteed that 3rd party shops will offer stands to hold a mini behind the new Studio display.

      The only drawback I see to the modular computer is that Apple will screw users with insanely overpriced Thunderbolt cables. Again, we’ll have to rely on 3rd parties to offer better values on the accessories.

      But it is good that users can now choose their own displays. The 27” iMac could never meet everyone’s disparate needs. $3000-5000 desktop computers are in professional price range, and pros expect to be able to choose the monitor that is dialed into their specific needs.

    1. I’m hoping that I have been waiting a while for the bigger model and this is something of a shock tbh don’t really want to have to be buying screens again esp a fuggly one so otherwise not sure where this leaves me. However it could be that a lot of people will be pushed into buying the Studio Mac only for a 30 inch iMac in a year or so when perhaps max versions of M2 come online. But in all honestly who knows with Apple they are a law unto themselves and forcing people to invest in Studio Mac and Screen will look very attractive to them presently and make a conclusive decision later when sales can be assessed.

      1. Apple product planning has ALWAYS left large groups of people out in the cold. If Apple did have a new large iMac in the works, they would have been nice to say so. They only said the Mac Pro will be updated. So move on. It won’t be the first time Apple has royally screwed me or someone I know.

        Liked the iPod Shuffle? Sorry, Apple lost interest.

        Want a cheap Mac laptop for elementary kids? Sorry, unless you’re rich, only the used market makes sense. Most of those laptops are beat up Intel models with garbage keyboards looking at a near term battery replacement. As if schools and community centers could work that way.

        Had your photo albums archived on Aperture? Tough luck, Apple axed that functionality with the app.

        Got top quality headphones? They work with the Mac but you have to buy a $50 adapter for iOS.

        Want to add a new Mac hard drive for easy local Time Machine backup? That’ll be $6k for the Mac Pro or you can add another box to the mess of peripherals on the desk.

        Want to own your music like Jobs famously quipped? No, now you’re royally screwed because Rebranded Beats Apple Rental Spotify Wannabe Music is here to fuckup your library.

        Need RAM? Left arm please, at time of purchase only.

        Have any documents in iWork ‘09? Hope you exported them to non-Apple formats because nothing from Apple today can read them.

        Have a parent who died with files in the iCloud? Sorry, you can’t inherit them.

        Got any handy 32 bit Mac software? Well let it go because Apple can’t be bothered to allow you the freedom to keep using it on any new Mac.

        Apple has always been happy to screw customers who thought they had a long term solution that worked well. Just accept that The Apple Corporation knows what you should have.

    1. Apple clearance store has plenty of 27″ Intel iMacs too.
      If you want the stealthy/manly man iMac Pro (who says Cook doesn’t serve the tastes of all customers?) before they’re gone, prices are down to $3250 for an 8 core Xeon.

      If you want matching 27″ displays, Apple FINALLY made it a realistic choice. I’d rather have a Mac Mini or Mac Studio plus two matching monitors of my own choosing versus any iMac + a “close but not the same” display next to it. I’ve said it before, the all-in-one form factor isn’t the great value many people think it is.

      Dollar for dollar, even considering iMac closeout prices, the new Mac Studio runs circles around any iMac, which is no surprise.

  1. I was waiting for Apple to announce a new 27″ iMac with and M1 Pro or Max and hopefully an XDR display. Instead the Mac Studio came to be, which is great by the the cheapest Studio with the new display is ~ $3,600. Yikes!! Thanks about $1,000 increase from where the 27″ iMacs were!

    If I don’t want to shell out $3600, then only iMac I can get now is the 24″, which I don’t want a smaller screen and the most RAM I can get is the 16GB upgrage. My current 27″ iMac has 64GB.

    So for most people wanting to upgrade their 27″ iMac, there’s a huge chasm between the 24″ iMac and the cheapest Studio.

    1. I was hoping the rumors of a plastic case would be true, and that Apple could see their way to offering a more competitively priced consumer desktop. Obviously Apple has other ideas. Let’s not forget, however, the huge leap forward in performance and connectivity that Apple announced today. That accounts for some of the price creep.

      For $3600, this is how much iMac you can buy, with discount:

      According to Apple, the entry level ~ $1999 Mac Studio trounces it, at least on paper. Geekbench will reveal more soon.

      If you are budget constrained and really love all-in-one computers, then Dell sells the Optiplex 7780 which you can configure to your heart’s desire, roughly equivalent hardware configurations perhaps 20% less than Apple. That Apple premium is how much Apple charges you for macOS and what most here would agree is executive overcompensation. Capitalism has spoken, we have to take it or leave it.

  2. Plenty (7 pages worth of 27-inch iMac configs) still available on Apple Store certified refurb page. I’ll bet many are new (not refurb). And also Xeon-based (dark) 27-inch iMac PROs. The new big iMac (30-inch 7K) will probably arrive with M2, after the transition officially completes with M1 and its many variants. The Mac Studio combo is the “big iMac” for now.

  3. Stunned and disappointed. The 27″ iMac is THE iMac. That’s the one we’re waiting for before we upgrade. Something must be up. Our shop will wait longer, I guess. BTW, Apple, a 27″ or 30″ iMac would have sold like hotcakes. Studio? I am guessing not as much.

    1. Since when has Apple offered everything to everyone? If we aren’t used to Apple configuration limitations and high prices by now, then there’s nothing to say. You iMac users have been living the easy life. More demanding desktop workstation users had to live from 2013 to 2019 without a real Mac Pro, and then got clobbered by high prices for overly styled fashion aluminium when the proper workstation did arrive — and then immediately Apple announced that it was transitioning away from the chips it offered in the Mac Pro, possibly nullifying the internal expansion and futureproofing that the latest Mac Pro should have guaranteed. Talk about being whipsawed by bad price and choice. Maybe Apple will offer an M1 Ultra CPU upgrade kit for the 2019 Mac Pro chassis, but it’s more likely Apple will expect everyone to just buy a new $6000 (to $50000) workstation instead. In comparison to the Mac Pro, for most users anyway, the Studio looks like a bargain that might serve you a few more years.

      In comparison to any iMac, the Studio is much more versatile and higher performance, and it would be more versatile and higher performance than if Apple had tried to cram the M1 chips into the back of the Studio Display. Ergonomics, ports, expansion, and choice of display(s) matter. I just don’t see the drawback moving on from the old iMac other than the fact you’ll receive two boxes on your doorstep versus one. If you want to save $, then don’t buy the Studio Display and expensive Apple peripherals. Just don’t pretend that an M1 ultra iMac would have been cheaper or better than what Apple did finally announce today. Apple hasn’t been about being the low price leader for as long as I can remember.

  4. Could this be the beginning of the end of the “i” nomenclature in hardware? Apple has been slowly moving away from it on the software side.

    Next up, the Apple Phone!

  5. A[ple is once again hanging the people that made them what they are. Sure their new macs are powerful but the home user also needs value.

    Timmy and gang may be servicing the stock holders but they are screwing home users.

    1. Perhaps home users should wake up and realize that for their web surfing and email they don’t need an M1 Ultra chipset.

      All Apple hardware is expensive. Don’t buy the latest and greatest if you don’t need it.

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