Gene Munster: Apple will sell as many iPhone SE units as they can make

Apple hosted its “Peek Performance” event featuring two upgraded products (iPhone SE with 5G and a new iPad Air) and two new products (Mac Studio and Studio Display). Loup Funds’ Gene Munster estimates that the new products will account for 5-10% of Apple’s revenue over the next year.

The next-generation iPhone SE is a powerful new iPhone in an iconic design, featuring the A15 Bionic chip and 5G.
Apple’s iPhone SE (2022) is a powerful new iPhone featuring the A15 Bionic chip and offering 5G connectivity.

Gene Munster for Loup Funds:

My only criticism is that Apple events have become so polished that they’ve lost the feel of a cult gathering. Virtual events are hard and Apple has set the gold standard; however, a more communal feel would bring back an important cultural element to the brand.

The performance of Apple Silicon is so good it’s laughable. The M1 value proposition may seem to be directed toward pros but it’s actually directed to all users because faster is better for everyone. The M1 chip is the biggest jump in performance I’ve ever noticed in a computer and Apple is extending its lead with M1 Pro, M1 Max, and now the M1 Ultra.

Once again, the combination of hardware + software has allowed Apple to do things their competitors can’t match (e.g., M1 Ultra chip performance and the Studio Display camera features). It makes me wonder why more people aren’t using these devices.

iPhone SE with 5G: What stuck out to me is the 8% price increase, now starting at $429. Despite the price increase, Apple will sell as many of these as they can make for the next couple of quarters. I estimate that iPhone SE accounts for around 15% of total iPhone revenue, or about 8% of total revenue.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote earlier, it’s too bad that Apple couldn’t hit the $399 starting price point, but $30 more gets you a lot: 5G, A15 Bionic, much better camera, and more, so we also believe that Apple will sell as many iPhone SE units as they can make.

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  1. While considered an entry level phone the A15 processor and 5G included is a huge value. It will sell very very well. Remember most people don’t pay list price between cellular company deals and trade-in phone sales.
    The clue to sales will be the pre-orders vs. the delivery date dynamic.

  2. Agree with Gene Munster. Apple events are as polished as a big budget Hollywood movie. You just don’t see product announcements this polished. But some not polished elements would be nice.
    Maybe when in person comes back though unlikely.
    The fall event will be one of the bigger events. iPhone 14, Air Pods pro 2, MacBook Air M2, possibly the new AR. This one will very likely be in person but just as likely to be ultra polished

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