Ming-Chi Kuo: 27-inch Apple display, new Mac mini coming this year; no iMac Pro or Mac Pro until 2023

TF International Securities’ Apple uber-analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today tweeted his predictions for Apple’s new desktop products, a “more powerful Mac mini and more affordable external display (27-inch without mini-LED)” for this year and a new Mac Pro and iMac Pro coming in 2023.

2022 Mac mini design renders (Image: Jon Prosser and RendersByIan)
2022 Mac mini design renders (Image: Jon Prosser and RendersByIan)

Benjamin Mayo for 9to5Mac:

The Apple external display would apparently be more affordable than the Pro Display XDR, in part because it is smaller in size well and would also be less technically advanced, such as lacking mini-LED backlight technology.

The 2023 roadmap for iMac Pro and Mac Pro is somewhat of a disappointment, given Apple’s originally announced schedule to transition all of its products within two years.

A more powerful Mac mini coming this year corroborates previous rumors, as Apple looks to replacethe remaining Intel Mac mini configurations with Apple Silicon options. In fact, a higher-end Mac mini with M1 Pro and M1 Max chip internals is expected to arrive as soon as next week, at Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’ event on March 8.

MacDailyNews Take: If we have to wait until 2023, missing Apple’s two-year transition of Intel-handicapped Macs to Apple Silicon, the company will likely blame supply chain and other delays resulting from the response to COVID-19, if they mention it at all.

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  1. The loyal Pros and hard core BACKBONE of Apple always served last under the Cook administration. The giddy girls with bling on their phones come first, or, whatever. Disappointing to say the least and NO EXCUSES APPLE…

  2. Bring back the black/space gray mouse, damnit, and the same with all iterations of keyboards, and a new Time Capsule and mini airport, and at least 2 Thunderbolt displays as before. We want to avoid the PC crap and off-brand stuff as much as possible. And goddamnit cant you make Mac Mail work right, for a change, with some REAL spam protection that just works. Keep your glassholes for the 1.5 Millenials! Any anything …. anything … with a rainbow or that looks homosexual, GIT RID OF IT.

    1. Bingo. How is there not a Time Capsule + HomePod (or at least an Airport + HomePod)? It would bring more people into the HomePod ecosystem and it would be a cinch from a tech perspective.

  3. These are rumors and speculation – not hard facts. Don’t get your panties in a bunch until we know the facts on the Mac Pro. If there is a wait, it will be worth it based on what we saw with the M1 Pro Max chip. They have to show massive gains in performance when it comes to Pro usage when it comes down to crunching, whether encoding or rendering.

    Will the new Mac Mini Studio replace the iMac Pro?

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