‘Wild card’ Apple hardware may be unveiled at March 8th ‘Peek Performance’ event

Apple will hold its first event of the year on Tuesday. It’s widely expected that Apple will unveil a new iPhone, iPad Air, and at least one new Mac – and, perhaps, a “wild card” product.

Apple's current iPhone SE
Apple’s current iPhone SE

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

What to expect:

• An iPhone SE that includes 5G support, a faster processor and improved cameras. This will be the first update to the SE since 2020 and could help push more iPhones into emerging markets.

• A new iPad Air that will put it on par with last year’s iPad mini. That means it will retain its same design from 2020 but add optional 5G support, the A15 chip and Center Stage for the FaceTime camera.

• At least one new Mac with Apple Silicon—part of a broader refresh of the Mac lineup. In all, we should see a new Mac mini (this one is ready to go, I’m told), 13-inch MacBook Pros and iMacs—perhaps as soon as the first half of the year.

• I’m told a fourth “wild card” unveiling is possible. This could range from the announcement of a next-generation monitor to the iMac Pro or new, smaller Mac Pro. More on this below.

MacDailyNews Take:

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    1. If you need more performance, its likely a new affordable headless Mac desktop with room for internal expansion makes more sense. To Apple the iMac may be more profitable but for many users, the all-in-one desktop computers are too locked down for your future needs growth, too difficult to repair for hard computer users.

      The trashcan Mac Pro debacle proved even Apple couldn’t predict the needs of its professional customers, it sent lots of hardcore computing users to the Windows side. Going further down the trail of dead end, locked down sealed iMacs (including the Xeon iMac Pro) isn’t a good long term investment for high performance computing. The PC guys actually got that right: if you want to keep near the leading edge of performance, you gotta have room for future upgrades, from 3rd parties if Apple can’t stay on top of it. You also shouldn’t have to trash your whole system if any one component fails and you shouldn’t have to resort to adding a kludged pile of external boxes on your desk to fulfill future computing needs.

      We use dual displays with our Mac Pros (2012 and 2020), upgraded over time from 1080 to 4K resolution when one died. We’ve added memory and several internal hard drives, replaced old startup drives from spinning disk to solid state. If we had stuck with iMacs, we’d have gone through 2-3 iMac replacements, and endured mismatched monitors, TB docks, adapters, and a pile of mismatched external drives, all reliant on different flavors of Thunderbolt.

      We’d love a smaller/cheaper Mac tower, but not an iMac. If you seek a larger display real estate … don’t choose an iMac.

  1. I still await the “we cracked it” TV. I care little for the typical tv, but one that could corral Apple offerings into a TV-like hub, makes sense. And, or…some thing that would support big sound…not in your head (buds) and NOT the personal assistant snoball listening device.

    1. Hmm, I’ve been liberated. I’m able to be critical of something, while simultaneously appreciating it.
      I’m going to guess you, Humbug, would like if the World all thought nice thoughts like yours?

      “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

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