More tech companies follow Apple’s lead on Russia pullout

In a growing show of solidarity with Ukraine, the list of big U.S. tech companies halting sales of products in Russia expanded Friday, with Microsoft and others following Apple’s lead.

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Mark Sullivan for Fast Company:

Microsoft president Brad Smith said in a blog post Friday that his company would suspend all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia.

Gaming giant Electronic Arts said it too would halt sales in Russia and Belarus. Eurogamer reports that Sony has removed the Gran Turismo 7 game from the Russian Playstation store, but did so without formally announcing it… Netflix has paused all future projects and acquisitions from Russia, Variety reported. The company had four original series from Russian producers in the works, the report says. The enterprise software giants Oracle and SAP both said they would suspend business operations in Russia, as show of solidarity with Ukraine.

Among big tech companies, Apple was the first to move on boycotting Russia, announcing March 1 that it would be halting sales of its products in the country. Apple says it has limited its Apple Pay service in Russia. It also disabled traffic and live incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine “as a safety and precautionary measure for Ukrainian citizens.”

MacDailyNews Take: Tech companies following Apple’s lead? Wonders never cease.

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  1. But not China. American tech companies are the most insidious corporations in existence today. Didn’t used to be this way; in fact, it used to be the opposite. Getting out of Russia was a no-brainer, this decision does not warrant applause.

      1. But is he wrong? If not, you’re a paid up member of the IgnoreC*unterBiden club, which tells us you’re a bit of a Hunt.

        1. My god, are you people still clinging to that long debunked and attempted scandal let by Trump and his cronies? And you call liberals sheep. Sheesh.

            1. You can insult me all you like. I don’t care and I’ll still be correct and you and all the other right wing sheep on here will be wrong. Here’s the scary thing though. You know I’m right but you don’t care so long as your side wins. And winning by lying and cheating is all you have.

          1. My god, are you people (big tech, most of the Democratic establishment, Republican sale outs) still clinging to your communist CCP slave masters. The “Liberal” socially woke cry about the slavery past of the USA (outlawed in 1865) but you “people” are willfully blind and enable the slavery and systematic ethic genocide this very day/night in CCP China, your moral outrage is fake. Hating Trump supporters is your true holy war. We will see the true depth of AAPL’s moral courage when CCP boots invaded Taiwan. I bet your voice will be silent or even support CCP’s “reunification” lie

            In 1991 Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons because the United States and Great Britain promised to protect them. The message is clear, the USA will defend freedom only when it’s profitable. The message is clear Apple will defend freedom only when it’s profitable.

          2. Another brainless Leftist.

            The evidence is overwhelming on record. Not being pursued by corrupt intelligence departments Biden is in charge of, and involved in the past with his son in Ukraine, while the complicit media working for the Dem party is full steam ahead ignoring the story and falsely debunking the story.

            Close your eyes, shut down what brain matter you have left and look the other way like the rest of your ilk…

            1. Biden “im leaving here is 6 hours, if the prosecutor isn’t fired then your not getting the billion ($1,000,000,000.00) dollars”

              the art of foreign policy: or leaving office rich.

            2. You’ve fallen for the GOP misinformation machine and everything you post shows that. You are one seriously deluded individual. Well, you all are actually.

            3. No surprise Humdrum, indeed, out on the Moon somewhere smoking with his Leftist buddies, is incapable of the FULL SCOPE of the problem, not only in Ukraine, but also Russia, China, et al.

              I don’t have to ask what’s wrong with these people. Any honest grade school pupil can figure it out…

            4. Well, I don’t smoke and I’m centre left, not far left. But no matter, here’s what I’ll leave you with on this topic for now. The thing is that the GOP has for decades been seeding you the idea that Democratic Socialism, which the US currently has, and more so in Canada, is the same thing as Socialism and Communism, which it is not. That’s the main reason why to this day the US doesn’t have a universal health care plan unlike most other democratic societies, as an example.

              The rich have done this to make themselves richer while making you all think you’re fighting for freedom as many of you go broke paying for basic health care. And don’t fall for the stories about wait times in Canada. A few weeks ago I cut myself very badly in a stupid accident. I went to emergency to get stitched up and it was determined that I needed surgery to repair a nerve so the next day I was in hospital for day surgery. Cost to me for everything? Nothing.

              The Biden/Ukraine story was manufactured by the GOP, specifically Trump and his cronies, in order to create a scandal that would improve his chances of winning an election. It failed because there was no real evidence to back it up. None.

              I’ll say this again. What should concern you is the lengths the GOP and the far right are doing to manipulate your electoral system in their favour because while it might work now, what’s to stop the Democrats doing the same thing in the future?

              Trump spent years casting doubt in mail-in ballots even though he votes that way and despite no documented widespread abuse of the system. Why? Because most Democrats prefer mail in voting while Republicans prefer to vote in person.

              States enacting voter restrictions also should concern you. This is step one towards autocracy, don’t you see this? We should be making it easier for people to vote, not harder.

              Finally, what amazes me most about you Trump supporters is the idea that you think he cares about you. At all. He cares about one thing. Trump. That’s it. Your vote is all he wants and other than that, he couldn’t care less. Look at what he does to those he does like. So long as they bow to him, they’re “tremendous people”. Dare to go against him and he will publicly proclaim them to be losers or worse. If you knocked on his door bleeding asking for help he’d not only slam the door on you, he’d have you arrested and send you a bill for cleaning up the blood. Biden is not perfect, but he has demonstrated that he is at least a decent man.

              Anyway, this will fall on deaf ears. You’re all a lost cause sadly.

            5. “Thankful fo US and @POTUS personal leadership in striking in the heart of Putin’s war machine and banning oil, gas, and coal from US market. Encourage other countries and leaders to follow.”

              Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

              The EU announced it is working to phaseout oil products from Russia. Thousands of US oil workers get to work.

              Goeb whines about prices.

            6. 25 Big Questions That Democrats Can’t Answer About The 2020 Election — Because They Know They Cheated

              Why did the vote counting stop on election night in several swing states?

              Why did the vote counting delays only happen in swing states?

              Why were election observers barred from entering vote counting stations in swing states?

              Why did Trey Trainor, the chair of the Federal Election Commission, declare on TV that election “observers have not been allowed into the polling locations in a meaningful way” and that “if they’re not, the law is not being followed, making this an illegitimate election” on November 6th, 2020?

              Why are any electronic voting machines hooked up to the Internet?

              Why were votes from the 2020 election sent overseas for “processing” and “tabulation” purposes?

              Why would votes from 30 states in America be processed by a Canadian firm?

              Why would the company that “tabulates” votes for 800 American counties be a recently bankrupt Barcelona-based firm with the Department of Defense as its best-known client?

              Why would America’s electronic voting machines be under the ownership of citizens from foreign nations?

              Why are so many electronic voting machine companies owned by shell companies?
              Why did it take Maricopa County (Arizona) two weeks to count its votes?

              Why did an audit expert find 74,000 more votes were counted in Maricopa County (Arizona) than were mailed out?

              Why did Mark Zuckerberg fork over $400 million to his personal charity to run a parallel private election system in 2020?

              Why did the Special Counsel in Wisconsin just release a report that called Zuckerberg’s donations in five Wisconsin counties a classic case of bribery?

              Why did AG Merrick Garland at Biden’s Department of Justice threaten to interfere in a post-election audit conducted in Arizona — and authorized by the state of Arizona?
              Why did a county circuit court judge in Wisconsin rule that the Wisconsin Elections Commission had run the 2020 election in an illegal manner?

              Why have the voting machine companies refused to comply with subpoenas from the state officials of Wisconsin?

              Why do the voting machine companies refuse to have their machines inspected even though these machines are used in public elections?

              Why is a federal judge in Georgia refusing to release a report by a cybersecurity expert who inspected a Dominion machine and found it vulnerable to hacking and manipulation of the votes?

              Why has Dominion Voting Systems refused to comply with the post-election audit in Arizona — which was ordered by the State of Arizona itself?

              Why are more than 300,000 ballot transfer forms missing in Georgia’s 2020 election?
              Why did Dominion Voting Systems fail to show up and answer questions from the elected officials of Pennsylvania after the 2020 election?

              Why do 204,430 mail-in ballots in Arizona have mismatched signatures?

              Why do 740,000 mail-in ballots in Arizona have broken chain of custody?

              Why did the Wisconsin Special Counsel find that 50 nursing homes had 100% voter turnout and that cheating was widespread?

    1. Of course, since Putin uses the same method of false information as your Biff D.Tannen, you probably applaud the violent action of a crazy megalomaniac.
      A chance that DT did not succeed in being re-elected: he would have had one of his “famous” rash headshots and provoked a third world war. Full of power like Putin, he would have loved to have pressed the button!
      They’re both dangerous clowns!

  2. There are a lot of companies, countries, organizations and institutes that have pulled out. Now who is going to be the first to put in?

    Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine who made a call to arms… to people around the world

    “Those foreign individuals who have the will and ability to fight along side Ukrainians against invaders are welcome to join the international legion of territorial defence of Ukraine, Please address the Ukrainian embassies in your country.”

    There’s nothing quite like going up against a super pooper nation that is invading a sovereign nation based on trumped up charges. Gee where I have seen this before??????

    1. At least Trump is the only president in the last 30 years not to start any wars. He used both iPhones and Androids, too, so he didn’t start any wars there either. But Biden? Russia has invaded Ukraine twice under his watch. Impeach Biden!

      1. I’ll take that to be true, as I’m not sure which is the last president to not start any wars but on the other side of the coin, the chump did not end any wars, and yet that old sleepy joe did, albeit in one of the most distasteful ways ever.

      2. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. If the US had sent in or left troops in the Ukraine then we are in World War III. Do you want that?

        You also seem to forget how cozy Trump was with Putin and other dictators. My god, if Biden met with them the way Trump did you’d all have your heads explode. The hypocrisy is mind blowing.

  3. “ There’s nothing quite like going up against a super pooper nation that is invading a sovereign nation based on trumped up charges. Gee where I have seen this before??????”

    Don’t hide it. Don’t couch it. Don’t imply it. Don’t be a coward and far left WEASEL.

    Come out and say what you REALLY mean and posted for years until you were banned.

    The United States is a terrorist nation…

    1. Hi Ruskis!
      It is always interesting to hear from the Russian State sponsored disinformation system. It must be a very difficult job to keep pumping out disinformation to the world but especially to the Russian people. As their economy crashes, consumer goods and food will start disappearing from the shelves. The Russian People need to understand that all this suffering is for their own good. It is a tough job but I am sure you are up to the challenge!


    2. Americans are also the victims of hummmmm, you know whom, who caused wars in every countries, for sure not regular, ordinary Americans. but but but hummmmm.

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