Beleaguered Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger wants to win back lifestyle company’s business

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, who earlier this year attempted to denigrate Apple by referring to the firm as “a lifestyle company,” now wants Intel, maker of big, slow, hot, power-hungry processors, to make chips so good that they can win back Apple’s business.

Intel snail

Connor Smith for Barron’s:

The Cupertino, Calif., technology giant unveiled new Macbook Pro laptops that feature the new M1 Pro and higher-end M1 Max processors. It said the latter has a 10-core chip design and is 70% faster than the older M1 chip. The M1 Max has 32 cores and delivers twice the bandwidth of the M1 Pro.

“These are the most advanced chips coming from Apple and are a big step up from the original M1 chip launched almost a year ago, serving as anothermajor shot across the board at chip stalwarts given the innovation coming out ofCupertino,” Wedbush analyst Dan Ives wrote on Monday.

Gelsinger, who became Intel ‘s chief earlier this year, said on an episode of “Axios on HBO” that Apple decided they could make a chip better than Intel could. During the interview, which aired Sunday, Gelsinger was referring to Apple’s [entry-level] M1 chip, which was unveiled in November 2020 and was praised by investors and tech enthusiasts, alike.

“And, you know, they did a pretty good job,” Gelsinger said on the program. “So what I have to do is create a better chip than they can do themselves. I would hope to win back this piece of their business, as well as many other pieces of business, over time.”

MacDailyNews Take: Good luck with that, Pattycakes.

M1 Max is up to 13 times faster versus the previous-generation Intel-handicapped 13-inch MacBook Pro in complex timeline rendering in Final Cut Pro.

13 times faster. Not a typo.

Perhaps, someday, if Intel ever manages to figure out how to reliably get down to 5nm and beyond and come in less than TSMC, Apple might allow Intel to stamp out their vastly superior Apple Silicon SoC designs.

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    1. They wouldn’t ever by choice. The popular thing to do nowadays is sue if you can’t compete. I’m pretty sure Intel will go the antitrust route at some point. Not sure legally how that would be possible but they may try to make Apple keep offering Intel CPU options in addition to the M-line of chips.

  1. Intel CEO: ” I would hope to win back this piece of their business…”

    Yeah sure…
    NEVER going to happen.

    Apple has moved on from 3rd party chips and proved that they can do way better.

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