Apple’s next iPhones aimed at social media creators and influencers

Apple is doing something smart. The company is focusing feature enhancements for its new models toward a key constituency: social media creators and influencers, Tae Kim writes for for Bloomberg Opinion. And Kim thinks Apple’s move will pay dividends.

Apple's next iPhones aimed at social media creators and influencers. Image: 'iPhone 13 Pro Max' dummy model (left) shows noticeably larger camera lenses vs. IPhone 12 Pro Max (right)
‘iPhone 13 Pro Max’ dummy model (left) shows noticeably larger camera lenses vs. IPhone 12 Pro Max (right)

Tae Kim for Bloomberg Opinion:

Last week, Bloomberg News’s Mark Gurman reported that the next-generation iPhones will have designs similar to the 2020 models but with a faster main chip and better screens. Here’s where it gets interesting. Gurman says the models will have new camera and video capabilities — including an AI-driven filter system that stylizes photos and a higher-quality video-recording format. The filters will let users adjust the color temperature, shadows and contrast more precisely than with traditional software app methods, while the video offerings will enable more editing flexibility and the ability to change the amount of background blurring afterward.

At first blush, it may not seem like much, but these additions are tailor-made for online creators such as short-video makers on TikTok and the fashion and beauty stars of Instagram. Nearly every influencer is going to need to get the new iPhones to compete. According to SignalFire, a venture capital firm that tracks industry data, more than 2 million people work full time creating content for social media and video sites. That means any edge they can get to publish the highest quality photos and videos, along with the ability to edit and manipulate quickly, is critical.

MacDailyNews Take: Anybody, not just social media creators and influencers, will be able to appreciate the improvements Apple delivers, from SoC to camera systems. Bokeh (Portrait mode) for 4K video will be a spectacular feature, one that’s easily noticeable by everyone, and sell an amazing amount of iPhone units in which it’s available!


  1. Lots of online influencers talk about things they actually know about. Cars, Drones, Campers, Food, clothes. It is a perfectly fine way to look for ideas and information. People can be civil when they have real info to work with.

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