iPhone 12 models hold their resale value even better than iPhone 11 models

Apple’s iPhone 12 models holds their resale value better than even the iPhone 11 models. The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max have all seen value recovery, as opposed to further depreciation, by month six. Oof course, Apple’s iPhone continues to reign as the smartphone brand that best retains its value versus all other smartphone brands.

Apple's flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max
Apple’s flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max

Steven Knight for SellCell:

• Both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 ranges lose on—average—40 – 50% of their value within the first four weeks of launch.

• Post iPhone 12 launch, the iPhone 11 range lost a further 8% of its value within three months and 10% of its value within nine months.

• Despite an initial steep reduction in value, the iPhone 11 range exhibits a steadying in its depreciation, retaining value well.

• The iPhone 12 range improves on the performance of its predecessor. Six months following launch sees the iPhone 12 range losing 34.5% of its value, while the iPhone 11 range lost 43.8% over the same time period. The iPhone 12 range is currently holding 9.3% more value than the iPhone 11 range did six months post-launch.

• The iPhone 12 Mini has depreciated the most from the iPhone 12 range of handsets, losing 41.0% after six months. This is almost 9% more on average than the other devices evaluated.

It isn’t just when facing its Apple predecessors that the iPhone 12 performs well. Adversaries have also lost out to the iPhone 12. The Samsung Galaxy S21 range has fared nowhere near as well as the iPhone 12 in terms of value retention.

The iPhone 12-series handsets hold significantly more value than the Galaxy S21 range, despite Samsung releasing its flagship phone series after Apple released the iPhone 12 models. Previous studies show that an iPhone 12 is holding its value by 20% more than the newly released S21.

The figures are equally grim for other brands, not just Apple’s chief rival Samsung. Android brand loyalty is falling, with many Android users across Google, Motorola, and (now defunct in the smartphone marketplace) LG consumers all look to switch to the Apple ecosystem.

Samsung still comes out of this smartphone war the most serious casualty, though, with 26% of its consumer base seeking to switch brand when they are due to upgrade. If this is around the time of the iPhone 13 release, it could see many of them jumping ship for Apple’s high-end devices.

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  1. Where do they gather this data? Definitely not eBay. No way the iPhone 12 lost 40-50% of its value within a month after launch. Sounds like they want you to sell your iPhone to Gazelle or some other ripoff site.

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