Apple ramps down 21.5-inch iMac production ahead of all-new 24-inch Apple Silicon model

Apple has reportedly stopped production of the 512 gigabyte and 1 terabyte flash media configurations of the 21.5-inch iMac, ahead of a widely-expected all-new 24-inch Apple Silicon model.

Apple ramps down 21.5-inch iMac production ahead of all-new 24-inch Apple Silicon model. Artist's conception render of an Apple silicon-powered iMac (2021) (image:
Artist’s conception render of an Apple silicon-powered iMac (2021) (image:

The forthcoming Apple Silicon iMac models are expected to sport iPad Pro-like edge-to-edge displays (with an outside chance of a switch in display technology toMini LED) and and could come in new color options à la iPad Pro:

iMac colors (image via Jon Prosser)
iMac colors (image via Jon Prosser)

Expect these new iMacs to be significantly faster than the best-performing Intel-based iMacs and, of course, crappy Windows PCs.

Mike Peterson for AppleInsider:

Long-time AppleInsider sources familiar with Apple’s supply chain have told us that Apple has stopped producing the 512GB and 1TB SSD configurations of the iMac 4K. Additionally, both models are newly listed as “currently unavailable” on Apple’s website.

The 256GB SSD model and the 1TB Fusion Drive model remain available for purchase as of writing, albeit with some lead time.

Apple has been repeatedly said to be working on redesigned iMacs for 2021, including models to replace both the 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac.

MacDailyNews Take: Will at least some of these new iMac models sport an Apple “M2” SoC?


  1. Waiting for the larger than the also paltry 24” iMac.
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  2. Like MDN, I’m super curious if we’re going to see the debut of the M2, or the release of the low end iMacs first with the most juice they can squeeze out of an M1. I sure wish someone could leak Apple’s SoC plan. It’s like waiting for the final season of GoT (while hoping the conclusion is a bit more satisfying).

    I’m interested to know how Apple handles cooling with the M-series SoC inside the iMac as well.

    Will it have (like the Mac mini and MBP) the same fans it has now to cool Intel coals? Probably. Since there is no battery issue, cool running is certainly less of a priority than it obviously should be in a laptop. But will Apple still go the extra mile and keep cooling desktops as well? Dunno. But it could allow greater speeds if future M-series iterations continued to stay cool and that’s certainly part of the reason for the SoC approach.

    Without cooling and battery life to worry about, how much can you really soup up an M2?

    It would seem to me if I were controlling Timo’s thoughts, I’d want the fastest SoC with more RAM I could get. What if you could halve processing time in everything you do with Final Cut, Logic, Photoshop and everything else that less heavy lifters use?

    I can’t see any users seriously missing the 21″ iMac and having to buy a 24″ instead. But it also might force Apple to bump the 27″ to 30″ as has been rumored.

    Honestly, the M-series is the most interesting thing to happen to Macs in a long time. I’m optimistic that it will really change desktop computing for the better.

    Fingers crossed.

  3. I remember when the larger size of Intel iMac was 24-inch, in bright white plastic. 17, 20, and 24 inches. And SO thick and clunky. Please note that these images are only speculative renders. Because they remind me of those old THICK iMacs. Yuck! Come on now… The new logic board is probably similar in size to iPad Pro logic board. There’s probably no other separate major components except screen and power supply.

    The renders look so thick because they put the ports along the back, like in current iMacs. That’s like putting USB-C port of iPad on its back, instead of along a side. Apple will do something different with the ports this time, to make iMac look as thin as possible, without the taper trick.

    As I said before, the way to do it is to put all computing parts in a flat base. All the ports are there, easily accessible. The power cord connects there. Built-in speakers are there too (use some HomePod tech). The display floats above, thin and light, truly looking like a huge iPad. No cords or cables dangling off. Much more adjustable than current proven (but stale) design. Maybe it can even pivot from landscape to portrait.

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