Apple gains market share worldwide – analyst

Apple is gaining market share worldwide as IDC research in Q4 finds robust 5G iPhone demand and Apple taking share from Huawei while notching MacBook unit shipments.

Apple gains market share worldwide - analyst. Image: Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Phillip Elmer-Dewitt for Apple 3.0:

From a note to clients that landed on my desktop early Friday:

Q4 results show Apple share gains on the back of Huawei weakness. In the December quarter, Huawei’s global unit share declined 6.5 points Y/Y, and it lost share in all regions. Huawei lost the greatest market share in China (13.4 points), which led to share gain opportunities for other vendors. Apple was the largest beneficiary from Huawei weakness in China, gaining 5 points of share Y/Y… Overall, Apple increased unit share in all regions and gained 3.4 points globally. The largest gain was in North America, where market share was up 8 points Y/Y…

In PCs, record notebook shipments drove strongest demand in over 2 decades. Apple was the largest PC unit share gainer in 2020, gaining 80 bps Y/Y… Apple still has room to penetrate the PC market, which they hope to achieve through their M1 lineup, and we are encouraged by these early share gains.

MacDailyNews Take: Market share is nice (although not as nice as revenue share, where Apple excels.)

Check out the charts in P.E.D.’s full article.


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  2. Of course the hole in my head rages at this kind of news. It’s good for Apple, but it makes my blood boil and my face go all white. This kind of success really isn’t my cup of tea because it is built on imprisoning people behind all of the Trumpian-style walls that Apple grows in its garden. I’m enraged. Apple needs to be cancelled. PC user’s lives matter!

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