Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp signs news partnership deal with Google

In one of the most extensive deals of its kind with big tech, the Rupert Murdoch-controlled media company News Corp struck a global news deal with Alphabet Inc’s Google on Wednesday.

Helen Coster for Reuters:

Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman of News Corp and Co-Chairman of Fox Corporation
Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman of News Corp and Co-Chairman of Fox Corporation
The companies will develop a subscription platform, share advertising revenue through Google’s ad technology services, build out audio journalism and develop video journalism by YouTube.

It is a capstone for the 89-year-old media mogul, his son Lachlan and News Corp Chief Executive Robert Thomson to seek compensation for premium content from platforms. Murdoch previously secured payments from Apple Inc and Facebook Inc for their Apple News and Facebook News products.

In Australia, the country’s two largest free-to-air television broadcasters have struck deals with Google collectively worth A$60 million ($47 million) a year, according to media reports. Google has also moved to secure deals with major publishers in the U.K., Germany, Brazil and Argentina.

MacDailyNews Take: Once again, consumers of “news” should seek it from disparate sources in order to arrive at some semblance of the truth.

As always, the best way to consume “news” is to cast a wide net. The wider, the better.

Readers of “news” need to consider the sources and interpret what they are being told accordingly. The more disparate sources you can find, the better. And we don’t mean different newspaper, network, website brands that are all owned by the same conglomerate. Determining the actual ownership of your “news” sources is an investment that requires a bit of time, but it is very enlightening.MacDailyNews Take, June 17, 2015


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          1. That reads like selective extrapolation negative opinion of what the greatest broadcaster in the history of radio said.

            Provide quoted remarks to prove your accusation, whenever you are ready…

      1. Hey auramac! Where’s that fake empathy that you idiots spew forth for the phoniest of causes as you attempt to secure your stranglehold on nice, polite people with whom you disagree. Your Socialism and greed know no bounds.

        If someone commented as you did about some of your Commie icons like Obumbler or Bite-me Biden you’d be organizing riots and destruction already. More and more folks are getting wise to your evil games.

    1. Rumour has it that non-related topics will be brought up in an attempt to distract from comments on the topic at hand. Unsubstantiated rumour of course, without any proof whatsoever, but then again, that’s how a lot of the media operates.

  1. Oh great…two behemoths in the info (control) business that want to partner. I can imagine no problems with what may result.

    Personally, it causes me to experience warn and fuzzy feelings all over, cuz I know they know best and will do everything for the consumer’s best. Amen…and, for the bedwetters, awomen.

  2. When you’ve all finished slugging it out you might want to focus on a core issue. Will this lead to more journalists being hired or, will it stop media companies and not just News Corp, from sacking journalists? And the answer is no it won’t.

    My wife works for News Corp and they’re preparing for another round of redundancies and they happen every three months. Now I don’t object to Google and Facebook paying their fair share but to paint media outlets as the innocent parties is laughable.

    A possible way to make this work is for government legislation to specify that a certain amount of any compensation be paid to regional media outlets. That’s where it really matters and that won’t happen any time soon.

    As a footnote Facebook has removed news links from their site in Australia. Many users are posting pictures of cats in retaliation. The message is that there’s no news links so here’s a picture of a cat instead. Facebook will back down and that will happen for a number of reasons.

    The legislation is supported by all the major parties
    Facebook is taking on a country that is standing up to China
    The whole country does not like being pushed around.

    So Facebook won’t get anywhere with their bullyboy tactics and the whole exercise will just piss off the Australian public.

    And that’s the real news from the land of Oz and you’re getting it from an Australian (pron. A’stralyan).

  3. Clinton’s & Summers’ deregulation frenzy which Rightwinger presidents embraced and jailer/regime-changers Barak/Joe let stand know that when I cast a wide net to catch different fish, I will catch the same kind.

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