COVID-19 vaccine recipients can carry proof in Apple Wallet; could be used to gain access to concert venues or airline flights

COVID-19 vaccine recipients in Los Angeles County will be offered proof in the form of a digital record that will help ensure they get a second shot and could, eventually, be used to gain access to concert venues or airline flights.

Emma Court for Bloomberg:

Apple WalletThe offering is being provided starting this week through a partnership with the startup Healthvana. It’s initially geared toward ensuring people receive both doses of the two-shot regimens that have been authorized in the U.S., including through follow-up notifications before a second appointment.

It will also give recipients a way to verify they have been vaccinated, which they can put into an Apple Wallet or competing Google platform “to prove to airlines, to prove to schools, to prove to whoever needs it,” said Healthvana Chief Executive Officer Ramin Bastani.

Tracking Covid-19 vaccine recipients and authenticating immunization status are poised to become increasingly important in the U.S. and globally as vaccines are rolled out.

That’s sparked a race among players like International Business Machines Corp. to provide technological solutions, envisioning a world in which vaccination records can be used to grant access to places where people may gather, or be in close proximity. With private health records involved, these efforts have also raised questions about ethical and privacy concerns.

Healthvana is also in discussions with concert venues, employers, universities and schools about applying this technology, “anyone who has a large number of people interacting with them,” Bastani said.

MacDailyNews Take: How about those vaccinated wear a yellow star on their clothing, so we can all clearly identify them even if they don’t have a smartphone? To eliminate cheating, we can tattoo their vaccination dates on their inner forearms that can be quickly revealed for confirmation.

Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it. — George Santayana

There are any number of countries where, prior to this ongoing COVID-19 collective behavior experiment, we could have imagined a compliant population capitulating to the random, illogical, and ever-changing whims of so-called “experts” and ignoramus politicians – actually allowing themselves to be quarantined, locked-down, restricted, put out of business, deprived of family and friends, tagged and tracked, digitally and otherwise, but not America. Obviously, we were wrong.

“The land of the free and the home of the brave?” Pfft. Seemingly just empty words today.

Yes, COVID-19 is real. Yes, COVID-19 is a contagious disease. Yes, COVID-19 can kill, especially those with underlying conditions who should be protected as best as possible. However, the reaction to COVID-19 has clearly been blown out of all proportion and the ramifications of such overreaction will be long-lasting and difficult, if not impossible, to overcome.

Those who have lived through this period (in other words, the vast majority of people) and who are still capable of rational thought, will understand implicitly how easily fear and bad data, especially as amplified, massaged, and repeated ad nauseam via mass and social media, can be used to control even so-called “free” people who, it seems, will cede their freedoms en masse with nary a bleat.


        1. If you had read the entire article, and not just the headline, you would have seen that the surge in California is attributable to mask-averse Southern California, particularly Los Angeles County. Northern California, which imposed controls early and has had high compliance, continues to have among the lowest infection and death rates in the nation. While cases are declining from the recent peaks in the Midwest, they are rising in many Southern and Sunbelt states, not just California.

          The article points out that this is a continuation of the whack-a-mole game Americans have been playing all year. When a region sees a surge, controls are imposed and compliance rises, so the rates go down (evidence that mandates work, not that they don’t). After the rates go down, controls are relaxed and voluntary compliance declines, so the rate goes back up again as maskless crowds gather in bars and churches (more evidence that mandates work). Because we have different, constantly changing, policies in every jurisdiction, the hot spots just keep moving from place to place.

          1. It’s time, even for you, to face the fact that mask mandates DO NOT WORK to stop or even slow the spread of COVID-19.

            New Study Shows Mask Mandates Had Zero Effect in Florida or Nationwide, But the Lie Continues

          2. “BUT THE ICUs ARE FILLING UP!” panicked Lib snowflakes scream.

            They are usually pretty full, especially this time of year – although the flu seems to have magically disappeared.

            Seems suspect.

  1. Friggin cure for covid:

    Take plenty of Vitamin D – C, K2 etc. plenty of water etc…. Get rest and exercise. If you have some underlying health condition – yes be careful….

    Yet the fear sold into this thing is simply disgusting.

  2. BOOM! Thank you so much for this, MDN!

  3. If you are a Bible-thumber, there is no functional difference between carrying the “mark of the beast” on your forehead (representing your mind) and in your iPhone (representing your thinking).
    Yes vitamins C, D, and K but also a strong multivitamin and multi mineral to cover all the bases since current food is grown and manufactured to look appealing to the eye on the store shelf, not to be nutritious.
    I am not taking the vaccine yet as the preservatives, at least, are not yet proven safe long term.

    1. From the LA Tims: “Alarms about the data collection first sounded this fall when the Trump administration asked every state to agree to share personal data collected from patients and stored in vaccine registries at the state level with the federal government…” which means it gets into the NSA spy apparatus which I do not trust at all.

      1. Dingler the dumbe, shows his anti-brilliance and anti-family nonsense with every post. Free speech is always welcome in America because it allows the Dingle-dongers to expose themselves before all.

        It’s no surprise that in a previous comment Dingle was heard, in his virtue signalling eco-dumbe way, to say: “Stop killing fish for their fingers”.

        Typical dingleberry. Cant paint, can’t think, secret PC user pretending to be a smart Mac user.

        There’s nothing worse thank a fake, and we have one in Ding-Dongler, LA fake.

  4. Comparing a medical ID to Jewish badges from the Shoah is a reprehensible false equivalency. Instead compare a vaccine ID to a DNR bracelet, a diabetes bracelet, allergy warnings or any other life saving medical information that people across the world keep on their persons (and their phones) every day.

    Why compare a medical record which appears to be opt-in to one of the largest, most deliberate, ethnic cleansing in human history? What so triggered this overreaction?

    1. What so triggered this?

      Perhaps it was the morphing of 15-days to “Slow the Spread” into nearly year-long lockdowns to accomplish, what, exactly?

      Democrat Governors are great at one thing: ILLOGICAL AUTHORITARIAN NONSENSE.

      Destroying the livelihoods (and lives) of millions for no good reason deserves tremendous scorn.

      Thank you, MDN!

      1. The Government of Taiwan is right across a narrow strait from Mainland China. It knew before the end of 2019 that there was a deadly virus over there. The Government of the United States is across the Pacific Ocean from Mainland China. It knew at least as much as Taiwan, and just as early. Taiwan took measures immediately that have kept them to 785 cases and 7 deaths. Extrapolated to the US population, that is less than 11,000 cases and 100 deaths.

        They did it by strict quarantine, mask, social distancing, and contact tracing backed up by the police power of the state… exactly the things that people here keep insisting are unnecessary. Hence the actual US figures are 19.3 million cases and 334,000 deaths. We are exceeding the American death toll from 9/11, Pearl Harbor, or D-Day every day.

        Minimizing the threat (which the President had admitted he was doing as long ago as early February) has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and discouraging people from getting vaccinated has the potential over time to kill millions.

        Shame, MDN, shame!

        1. I look back on the times that I saw some Chinese or Taiwanese tourists in an upscale shopping center in Hollywood already wearing face masks in 2018 and earlier, so I wonder if they knew about COVID-19 or its predecessor way back then or if they were simply generally proactive, or just imported that practice because they were used to wearing them in China or Taiwan. Is I wonder how much the US gov. and its legislators suspected or knew but did little or nothing in order to not offend their corporate sponsors.

  5. Wow, that was the strangest take on MDN ever! I thought it was going to make some reference to IBM and how their punch card tech helped Nazi Germany, but no.

    After what seems like 20+yrs visiting MDN, I think it’s time to find another source for my daily Apple news.

    1. It’s not worth ghosting people for their over the top opinions because, if you do, you will lose track of how an enemy thinks. Besides, MDN is simply looking to fund his Capitalist enterprise so, if you are a hard Capitalist, you should honor his hard Capitalism. I am not but still value his extraordinary, perhaps insensitive takes even though my ancestors were in at least on Nazi and one Communist concentration camp.

    2. 100% correct. 3000 dead in a day, and the selfish cry for ‘freedom’ still rings out. Glad I’m 12000 miles away, where our medical authorities have stamped out COVID locally. Goodbye.

  6. Holy fuck. I have read this website for 10 years and never had you down on loony side in any of your takes. I’m with you for the first bit, but you lost me at “so-called “experts””.

    The science has evolved through the pandemic. Expert advice has changed with it. You can get angry at vaccine passports if you like, but to start going for the scientific advisors and scientists who made the vaccine who will get us out of this shitshow and who have guided us through this epidemic make you a group of nutters. Thanks and bye.

    1. You need to learn how to read.

      MDN is not going after “scientists who made the vaccine” here. That’s your own invention.

      MDN are clearly going after the politicians and Fauci-like lifelong bureaucrats who make illogical restrictions that do nothing to help, but much to hurt.

      As you can see from their March 9, 2020 tweet above, MDN has been remarkably consistent on the (over)reaction to COVID-19.

        1. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

          Your information is laughably wrong.

          The reason we have vaccines so early is thanks to President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. Even CNN admits it.

          1. President Trump is the greatest national embarrassment in the history of America. He has done literally nothing of any value or consequence. The fact he was in power at the time the vaccines were made has absolutely nothing to do with it and you besmirch the good name of those that created them by giving him even the smallest bit of credit. The world will be a significantly better place when he finally leaves office with his stupid grumpy orange face crying faux fraud to the last.

      1. Another “suspicious” thing: the weatherman on TV said yesterday that I didn’t need an umbrella. Today he said I did. That wasn’t politics—it was responding to reality. It wasn’t raining yesterday. Today it was.

        In February, there was little community spread in the US but there was a run on the N95 masks needed by professionals. The experts said that laymen hoarding masks was bad for public health. That wasn’t politics, it was responding to reality.

        Today, community spread is about as bad as it is possible to be and there are readily available masks for laymen that don’t affect the supply for professionals. So, the advice has changed. That isn’t politics, it is responding to reality.

        There is a corollary to Ockham’s Razor: Don’t assume the existence of a conspiracy when there is a simpler explanation for the observed evidence.

  7. I think the idea is great, but premature. Nobody has heard of that startup yet. Do we know where the data will be stored? If it is part of Apple’s Health App it will be a different story.
    Will it be secure enough to satisfy European standards for consumer privacy? If not, airlines will not be able to ask for proof. DL, AA and UN all serve European markets and will have to follow their legislation/standards.
    Demanding rapid tests at the gate or before the TSA line would be great till we figure out the data security of vaccinations. I am happy to fly again and pay a little more knowing that fellow passengers are not infected. Quantas, Lufthansa and others are already thinking to offer international flights for tested passengers only.

    1. If “a disease so deadly that you have to take a test to know you have it” is supposed to hold two incongruous premises, I don’t see it, while I could see connecting “difficult to detect” to “testing to reveal it.” Maybe you can explain as the comment is otherwise super elegant and economical in my opinion.
      I will share with my friends but with my change.

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