U.S. Senate Majority Leader McConnell urges new COVID-19 stimulus in broad funding bill

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday that the U.S. Congress should include a fresh wave of COVID-19 stimulus in a $1.4 trillion spending bill aimed at heading off a government shutdown. Lawmakers have put forth a flurry of proposals in an attempt to pass a bill this month.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (left) and U.S. President Donald Trump
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (left) and U.S. President Donald Trump

Richard Cowan and Patricia Zengerle for Reuters:

Difficult talks over details remained with little time to spare, as Congress rushes to pass a $1.4 trillion bill by Dec. 11 to keep government agencies funded… McConnell said he would like to marry the funding bill with a coronavirus aid measure. “We need a targeted relief bill” now, McConnell told reporters after meeting with his fellow Republican senators.

McConnell also said that he consulted with the White House and was circulating to Republican senators the outline of a bill that President Donald Trump would accept.

McConnell’s outline is very close to the legislation that the Senate leader has been touting for months and was rejected by Democrats, according to one Senate Republican source. The plan includes $332.7 billion in new loans or grants to small businesses, according to a document provided to Reuters.

Meanwhile, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered to McConnell new ideas for reaching a compromise… Previously, Schumer and Pelosi sought a $2.2 trillion bill that McConnell rejected.

Earlier this year, over $3 trillion in coronavirus aid was enacted, which included economic stimulus measures and money for medical supplies.

MacDailyNews Take: Additional COVID-19 stimulus will be a boon for U.S. businesses, including Apple.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


      1. No, the insanity is that people like you, who support a president who has lied, cheated, stolen, bullied, ignored the pandemic, spreads baseless conspiracy theories and more.

        Sure, the economy looks great for those of us who have stock investments. But those who can barely meet their housing, food and medical expenses are standing in long food lines and being evicted from their homes after their jobs disappeared because of the virus.

        Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and that includes you!

        And since the election, Trump has pulled in more election funds than he raised before the elections; and those millions will be transferred to his family.

            1. There has been zero evidence presented in the multiple lawsuits filed by BLOTUS and co. Judges have been scathing in their comments as they throw out the claims in record time.
              In court you have to present real evidence, not just hearsay. That may work on Twitter and Fox News etc but real facts are required in court cases.

      2. FT, are you still on this site bothering people with your vote cheating whining? Have you not seen that most of the top Republicans are now starting to find their spines and are turning against Caesar? He has such a fine cadre of lawyers like Powell at whom people howl in laughter and the GOP shrinks with embarrassment.
        Keep have your delusional fun….there are not that many days left but we can still have some fun watching your pathetic flogging of a dead bear…..

      1. Everybody with a brain knows that the demented old influence peddler Biden is Mr. Illegitimate.

        Hail to the Thief!

  1. “Listen carefully, Gov. Kemp. Listen carefully, Brad Raffensperger . I state as a matter of fact that you are criminals. You took money from Dominion. You took money from China. And I bet you’ll never sue me because the truth will prove me right.” — Lin Wood, December 2, 2020

    How’s it feel, Democrats, to have to cheat because you can win fairly because your ideas are nuts, awful, and anti-American?

    1. This–and other comments on this page in the same vein–are examples of just some astoundingly, military-grade stupid. And what saddens me for this country’s future are that there are so many astoundingly stupid people ready to lap it all up, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. You have to be so blindingly committed to see things that don’t exist and to ignore all evidence at hand, actively deciding to twist yourself into believing ever-more-unlikely conspiracies. By the time this is all said and done the people who have maintained the fiction the the election was ‘stolen’ from Trump will see themselves forced into arguing that up is down and that black is white. “Don’t believe what your senses are clearly showing you; the only person you can believe is Dear Leader.” Deviate from this orthodoxy and you’re history. Gov. Kemp; dead to us. Gov. Ducey; dead to us. AG Bill Barr; pretty soon gonna be dead to us. These people are gonna give McCarthyism a good name when the history books are written.

      1. FWIW, I’m fairly certain that a lot of these accounts are the same person. I look at the amount of time spent posting the same rhetoric over and over to every remotely political story and think to myself, “mental illness is no joke.”

    2. The reason that the Georgia Governor and Secretary of State won’t sue Lin Wood is because American defamation law requires proof not merely that the defamatory statement was false, but that the statement was published by someone who knew it was false or probably false. That is impossible to prove when the publisher (Wood, in this case) is suffering from delusions that make it impossible for him to distinguish between evidence-based truth and wishful-thinking-based fantasy.

  2. Statistics are showing that the countries that have spent the highest proportion of GDP on COVID stimulus measures have fared the best in recovering their economies.

    1. That’s the nature of stimulus. Are you surprised? Without the context of debt to GDP, it all sounds like story book ending…but that’s no surprise either. The sense of money representing value is unhinged.

      There’s no mystery with debt…it comes home to roost eventually.

  3. A nation such as the US that makes its own money can never run out of money which is why McConnell’s playing the austerity card against normal small businesses and people is vindictive, hateful, and fallacious. And the very wealthy Apple needs no quantitate easing at all. You know who needs it the most, right? It’s the folks whom I pass on my bicycle ride every other day living on the river bottom and those in his Kentucky woods so he’s not even taking care of his own poor people yet, paradoxically, they love this wealthy man.

    1. Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the dollar has lost 95% of its value. This is to give context to the statement, “US that makes its own money can never run out of money.”

      We may not run out of the paper material that prescribes the value on its face, but when money loses scarcity, as what happens with money creation, devaluation of the currency is guaranteed.
      Without inherent scarcity, the medium isn’t a store of value…and decreases proportionally with printing.

      Seashells were once a store of value…then people discovered the riches on other beaches and brought them home to dilute the value of the native currency. The history is translatable and it’s been repeated many times.

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