This website shows you what software runs on M1 Macs

Apple’s decision to dump Intel processors and upgrade to their own Apple-designed M1 chip in its Macs means that while some popular Mac software titles are natively supported, others require Apple’s Rosetta 2 in order to run, while other apps don’t run on the M1 Macs nor do they yet have Rosetta 2 support. Which apps work on M1 Macs? There’s a website for that.

The new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini are now powered by M1, Apple’s revolutionary chip.
The new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini are now powered by M1, Apple’s revolutionary chip.

Brendan Hesse for Lifehacker:

Furthermore, some apps run on Mac—either natively or through Rosetta 2—but have bugs and performance issues. Many of Adobe’s Creative Suite apps—such as InDesign and Illustrator—fall into this category.

To help users confirm what software their new M1 Macs can run, Programmer Abdullah Diaa created a handy website called “Is Apple Silicon Ready?” that shows exactly which apps work on M1 Macs. You can use the search bar at the top of the page to find a specific app, or browse the entire list page-by-page.

There are filters to show only apps with “Native M1 Support,” “Rosetta 2 Only,” or “Not Working,” and you can narrow the list down to specific categories like video production, productivity, photography, and more…

MacDailyNews Take: Bully! The website is:


  1. Useful info… Looks like “not Pro” me can switch at any time. But my 2017 (wide-bezel) MacBook Air is running macOS Big Sur nicely. Apple did good testing for his release. I like its old-school USB ports, SD card slot, keyboard, and MagSafe power connector. It does everything I need currently… I’ll wait for second round of Apple Silicon.

    It’ll probably be a Mac mini. The RAM and primary storage are now unified and integrated, but I hope Apple adds the ability to add one or more SSD “blades” internally (the type in my MacBook Air) for data storage. There should be plenty of internal volume; that same size casing previously held an optical drive plus 2.5-inch hard drive. It now probably holds the equivalent of an iPad Pro logic board. Create an amazing “Mac Pro mini” with M2 and multi-drive internal RAID (in dark gray).

    1. Nice idea. I used to have a Mac mini (2009) for my media server. I upgraded the HDs and ram a few times to keep it up with the OS updates. Finally I swapped the HD with an SSD which made a big difference. Still after a year or two it was on its last legs.
      I changed it out by recycling a first gen rMBP. This had a screen (free) and battery replacement ($250) after 4 years and I upgraded the SSD to 512GB. Cheaper than buying a new Mac mini for sure. The other positive was if the power goes out the machine does not crash sine it has an internal battery. It cannot get upgraded to Big Sur so it can’t keep up with the newer OS enhancements.
      It would be good to get a Mac mini because the footprint is smaller but the base model SSD size is too small, so I’m probably going to recycle my wife’s MBP when she gets an M1 powered unit. I can upgrade the MBP to a 1 TB drive for $300. Again still cheaper than a Mac mini.
      That’s my problem with the mini; I don’t need the latest and greatest and as 512GB SSD or bigger is essential. Spending $900 on a mini does not make any sense to me.
      That’s why I like the option to swap out or add SSD (and preferably ram). Not really Apple’s way but would be nice.

      1. @DogGoneToo (in case this comment does not appears as a reply)

        My previous Mac mini is 2011 model, last one with discrete graphics and FireWire ports. It came with 500GB hard drive. I added a 120GB SSD (as second internal 2.5-inch drive) for DIY Fusion Drive. Plus 16GB RAM at the same time.

        The 6-core Intel Mac mini (in cool dark grey) is still in current lineup at high end (in terms of price). At next refresh, I won’t be surprised if there’s new Apple Silicon to replace that last Intel model. AND it has sockets for installing SSD modules through bottom round access panel. Current silver M1 configs continue at low and middle prices.

        I’d definitely buy an “M2 Mac Pro mini”!

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