‘iPhone 12’ said to sport Lightning port; iPhone with Smart Connector coming in 2021

A reliable leaker on Monday claimed the upcoming “iPhone 12” will retain Apple’s Lightning connector over a USB-C option, adding that next year’s flagship is expected to boast a Smart Connector with no ports at all.

Apple's next-generation 5G "iPhone 12 Pro" is said to have a 120Hz ProMotion display
Apple’s next-generation 5G “iPhone 12 Pro”(Image: artist’s concept via EverythingApplePro)

Wesley Hilliard for AppleInsider:

The proprietary Lightning port will be a part of iPhone for at least another year, according to Twitter user @choco_bit. The statement corroborates leaker Jon Prosser’s previous comments about the “iPhone 12” port.

Today’s tweet also mentions the 2021 iPhone, possibly called the “iPhone 13,” which hasn’t seen much in the way of rumors.

The idea of an iPhone with a Smart Connector isn’t new either, with identical rumors surfacing prior to the launch of iPhone 8. Choco_bit goes on to clarify in a reply that the “13 series” will in fact be port-less, which is another sentiment shared by Prosser and other insiders.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re surprised we haven’t seen a Smart Connector, which Apple unveiled on September 9, 2015, on an iPhone before now as it’s a much more elegant wired connection solution.

As for a port-free iPhone:

A port-free iPhone would be perfect for significantly increasing water resistance while also saving space that could be used for more battery or other components – it’s a win-win!MacDailyNews, December 5, 2019

All of the issues that arise with a completely sealed iPhone can be solved with a “Super Smart Connector” that features high-speed MagSafe charging and data transfer for things like older vehicles with wired CarPlay via a simple magnetic attachment. — MacDailyNews, January 16, 2020


  1. This makes perfect sense if 2021 phones will be portless. Why force a major reinvestment into cables, etc. for one year of use in many cases. Lightening works just fine until all ports are removed in 2021.

  2. UGG! Why does Apple and MDN suddenly think that water resistance is so much more important then actually being able to charge your phone and connect things?

    I’m sick of Apple making me buy all these adaptors, and then making them useless in the next generation. I’ve owned several bluetooth headphones, and always go back to wired because they just work better and are faster to connect. A good product solved needs, not creates more. iPhones need MORE ports, not fewer.

  3. A lamp made in 1930 will plug into your electrical socket and work just fine. How much damage is it doing that we aren’t changing all our house wiring every ten years? Having a fixed standard does NOT slow innovation.

  4. I’d rather have thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) than no ports. I want MORE functionality, not less, from my iPhone. No ports at all equals less functionality. Thunderbolt 3 means I can use it in music making.

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