When all U.S. coronavirus stimulus payments should arrive

More than 80 million Americans were slated to receive their COVID-19 coronavirus stimulus payments via direct deposit this week, but with a total of 171 million Americans set to be paid, many are still waiting to see that money arrive in their bank accounts or mailboxes. According to the latest Congressional timeline, here’s who can expect their money and when.

Lorie Konish for CNBC:

When all U.S. coronavirus stimulus payments should arriveThis week, more than 80 million Americans are expected to receive payments via direct deposit into their bank accounts, according to the Treasury Department. That direct deposit information will come from either their 2018 or 2019 tax returns.

People who receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits who filed returns that included their direct deposit information should receive their payments at this time.

From there, the government will send out more money, first via direct deposits and then by mailed paper checks. Individuals who have direct deposit information on file will get priority. Mailed paper checks will start going out April 20 for Americans who do not have their direct deposit information on file.

About 5 million checks are expected to be mailed per week. It could take up to 20 weeks — five months — for all of the checks to be sent.

MacDailyNews Note: To give the IRS your direct deposit information if it was not already included on your tax returns for the past two years, go to: https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment

If you typically don’t file taxes, use this tool to provide your direct deposit info here: https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/non-filers-enter-payment-info-here


  1. The Dems are hoping your check is delayed, you never get tested (regardless of whether you need to be or not), the country stays shut for as long as possible, that hopeful drugs fail, you don’t go back to work, etc… Why? So they can blame it on Trump. The Dems are hoping and plotting for the worst to come true.

    This is easy folks… who hopes to gain from damage to Americans? The Dems! That’s why Pelosi is hiding in her WALLED mansion in SF rather than at work in DC.

    Thanks a lot, big fat Sub Zero in San Fran full of chocolate ice cream Pelosi!

    1. Yup, the Dems ( at least half the country) all want everything to fail, for people to starve, for communists to take over and that Trump gets a bad case of crotch itch.
      Sigh……where DO these ankle-scratching bottom feeders come from?

      1. Social Security, Veterans, and Railroad Retiree’s are already in the Social Security Administration system with the majority of their income direct deposited. Why do we have to continue to wait for a check when most of us fall within the low income parameters, and they already have our bank information? We are the highest risk population. This is ridiculous! The news and media need to start writing and talking about this because NO ONE is addressing it.

    2. Certainly Pelosi is most tone-deaf Democrat today, if not all-time. Instead of working in Washington for the people, she is holed up in her cozy mansion incessantly criticizing the president and refusing to work with him if he doesn’t agree to her pork spending. Disgraceful!

      1. By the time you posted this, the compromise negotiated between the Speaker and the Republicans had already passed the Senate and is headed for House approval and Presidential signature on Thursday. Try to keep up.

        1. Shortly after I posted Partisan Pelosi making ad hominem attacks while hiding out in her cozy mansion for two weeks with brain FREEZE from ice cream — I read she FINALLY agreed to a deal with the president and his party.

          For you to post without facts that I do not keep up with the news on a daily basis, offering specious pointy head timing as evidence, is not only FALSE, it is yet another brainless attack.

          Coming from you, I wear it proudly as a badge of HONOR…🇺🇸

    3. Hope for the worst? That is your FB tag? Then you go and write something like this and then blame the Democrats for all this mess!! You already have the worst…it goes by the name, trump!!

  2. I’ll believe we will get a stimulus payment when it is in my bank account. I’m sure the dysfunctional government will find some way to cancel this. After all, the COVID response in this country is abysmal. And the government experiment (lock downs) is a dismal failure. The end of America is at hand. For every day this lock down continues, each day would take a month to recover. Do the math. Prepare for riots, they are coming soon.

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