Apple to cohost Democratic debate in New Hampshire tonight

Apple is set to cohost tonight’s Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire and is soliciting questions from the public through the company’s Apple News app. It’s the first time that Apple has co-hosted a debate for U.S. presidential candidates of any party.

Apple to cohost Democratic debate as Apple News launches 2020 U.S. presidential election special coverage
Source: Apple Inc.

Matt Novak for Gizmodo:

While Apple has partnered with ABC News for the debate, the tech company won’t be sending anyone to ask questions of the candidates directly. Questions submitted via the Apple News app are sent to the ABC News Political Unit, which will filter the questions and send them to the ABC moderators, according to 9to5Mac.

Seven candidates qualified for tonight’s debate, including Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang.

There are a number of ways to watch the debate tonight, which is scheduled to start at 8:00 pm ET (5:00 pm PT) and will end at 11:00 pm ET (8:00 pm PT). ABC News, cohost of the debate with Apple, has a livestream on YouTube as well as a livestream on Facebook.

MacDailyNews Notke: Of course, anyone with an Apple device can easily watch the debate as well via iOS 13.3, iPadOS 13.3, or macOS 10.15.2 in order to get all the new Apple News features.


  1. If Democrats hold a primary and count the votes, how can they figure out who to give steal and cheat for? Who get the votes of the illegals and the dead and the imaginary? I guess Hillary gets to decide all of that.

    1. It seems to me the conservatives have always promoted paper ballots as the only “secure” voting method that they will accept. The technically inept dems provide evidence to show the problems with iOS-based voting systems, and used backup paper ballots in Iowa to eventually get the counts tallied. This gave partisan asswipes an extra couple of days to take partisan potshots at the team that essentially showed the slow old ways may be more reliable, if less efficient and accessible.

      Clearly you’re not interested in making the world a better place with more efficient AND secure voting for all. It’s not even clear that Kent uses a Mac. He’s just here to sling mud. Might I suggest a website forum dedicated to low-tech stuff and hyper partisan argumentation?

        1. You’re trying to make perfect sense Kent and idiot Mike is not listening. He is too busy making up fairy tales what you are and what you are not.

          Clearly, you called for non-existent DEAD voters and ILLEGAL voters to be addressed and not counted. Yes, it happens every election cycle and every election cycle Republicans work to fix the problem, and yes, every election cycle Democrats are in DEEP DENIAL. Gee, do ya think it’s because it benefits their party explains why they look the other way and do NOTHING about it?

          Last presidential election remember when the Clinton Crime Family ran the DNC show, rigged the superdelegates to throw Bernie under the bus and hedged their bet going after Trump with a FAKE Russian dossier paid for by Democrat operatives. Mike has NO PROBLEM with that.

          So it is totally understandable people like Mike who are all in winning Democrat elections illegally. Proof is in the pudding, Mike NEVER said he was against ILLEGAL VOTES and then in a psychotic twist, after you wrote NO SUPPORT for illegal voting, Mike posted this:

          “Clearly you’re not interested in making the world a better place with more efficient AND secure voting for all.”

          Clearly, Mike is talking about HIMSELF and “not interested in making the world a better place with more efficient AND secure voting for all.” He never said so, you did Kent.

          So brainless is fooling no one and guilty by his own words…

          1. Ok, GeoB, you are making up your own facts again.

            If you look at every serious study of election fraud from 2000 down to date, there are no more than 31 allegations of impersonation fraud out of over a billion ballots cast. Other researchers could find no more than ten. Despite all the hysterical claims, there were only 4 substantiated claims of fraud in the 2016 election, and not all of those resulted in arrests or convictions. Researchers looking for examples of non-citizens attempting to vote between 2000 and 2012 found only 56 alleged cases, mostly involving people who were mislead by drivers’ license clerks or voter registrars into thinking that permanent US residents could vote.

            The following article provides citations to over twenty studies—some of them by Republican state election officials— that all reach the same conclusion:


            The efforts to make it harder for people to vote by requiring photo ID, proof of citizenship, frequent reregistration, a permanent street address, in-person voting, gerrymandered election precincts, limited early voting, restricted voting hours, time-consuming voting methods, and so forth are not justified by a reasonable fear of fraud. Whether the intention is voter suppression or not, that is the result.

            1. “Ok, GeoB, you are making up your own facts again.”

              What facts am I making up? Gee, what a surprise you did not specify. 🧐

              That DOG DON’T HUNT.

              It’s a FACT, illegal votes are cast EVERY ELECTION nationwide. Yes, the numbers vary, so what?

              The liberals in your party are always saying in the media if one life is saved, the legislation is worth it. They should add if one election is SAVED.

              It’s just not that FAKE votes are counted, how many times have we read votes were lost and found later due to incompetence.

              I’m not going to bother looking for links, remember my hometown newspaper reporting several times over the years the election software was not properly recording their votes and citizen complaints were taken seriously.

              As a result, my state this year changed to paper printout (receipt) of your vote to check if accurate before you leave the polling place.

              As we ALL KNOW don’t expect the media to vigorously report voting irregularities when it benefits the Democrat Party they incessantly PROMOTE and DEFEND every day.

              That’s common sense…

            2. One fact you are making up is that you don’t know exactly what fact I said you were making up.

              There may be reports of massive fraud in your hometown paper, but those are made up, too. The truth, as election experts throughout the country agree, is that fraudulent votes since the voting system changes after the 2000 election amount to no more than a couple dozen out of every billion votes cast.

              Repeating an untruth once can be a mistake.

              Repeating it after being shown the truth is a lie.

            3. “One fact you are making up is that you don’t know exactly what fact I said you were making up.”

              Yeah, I don’t do well with dishonest deflective posts…

      1. “It seems to me the conservatives have always promoted paper ballots as the only “secure” voting method that they will accept.”

        Seems to me the only voting method that is most secure and Russia, Ukraine cannot HACK. Hello?

        1. Seriously. Are you so ignorant that you don’t know the MDN site is the ultimate insensitive site for the ignorant to hang out?
          Are you real so oblivious that i was commenting on an “insensitive comment”

  2. I could spend the rest of the day on this one…

    Question 1;

    First there was the entire Health Care system which was given to a friend of Michelle Obama’s to develop in Canada. It failed big time. Then was months over schedule, as everyone from 12 year olds on up demonstrated they could construct such a system in days.

    Next there was the private server being run out of the Clinton home where email concerning national security issues was exchanged.

    Next there was the 31,000 email messages deleted from said server that Clinton made fun of when questioned by Congress.

    Then there was the Debbie Wasserman Schultz / Pakastani-American SCANDAL where sensitive data was stolen from congressional offices by several Pakistani-American tech staffers and sold to Pakistani or Russian intelligence, knowledgeable sources say. And that was only the beginning.

    Now the entire IT screw up with the Iowa Caucus.

    Considering the DNC’s track record with information technology, is it really the party to consider when making long term decisions concerning tech for the American people such as burdensome regulation, breaking tech companies up, forcing back doors into authentication systems, taxing the Internet, limiting speech, and so on?

    Question 2

    To just the white male candidates….

    When the DNC decided maybe they should hire new IT people, they had the sheer unmitigated gall to stress in their ads: “NO WHITE MALES NEED APPLY.”

    Is this really the message on diversity we need to send? if so, why are you running?

    Question 3

    If the government forces Apple to leave a back door for hacking into iPhones, would you use one?

    1. After watching the Democrats in California spend two months “harvesting votes” in 2018 from illegals and imaginary people to switch the results of about 10 Republican wins on election night, proving what great cheaters they are, I have to wonder how do they manage the cheating when the election is all Democrats. Obviously, the DNC is determined Bernie won’t win so votes are stolen from him and polls are mysteriously not reported the week before the caucus. Biden must be inflated to above 15% to “stay alive”. All the Iowa state Democrats are kicked out of the vote count room so DNC people can figure out how to do to Iowa what Hillary did to her ambassador and other people in Benghazi. Very funny.

    2. The health care system in Canada, which is certainly not ideal, was most certainly not given to any friend of Mrs Obama to develop. Perhaps you are referring to a database project in one province, Ontario, which was a complete disaster? This was related to trying to get people’s medical records securely into a centralized database. It’s a hard problem and, as far as I know, it’s still being worked on by a variety of people unrelated to Mrs Obama. A lot of heath care seems to still be operating in the past.

  3. As usual, the usual suspects drag Dem-bashing into an objective article about Apple sponsoring a presidential debate. There is no reason to believe that Apple would not be sponsoring a Republican debate if one were happening.

    1. TXUser, I believe you know how to do it as well. It was just the other day when the fiasco of the IA caucus was being discussed and you reached to make an absurd correlation btwn the republican candidates & communists.

      Pot black?

      1. As you astutely observed, USER is a fraud and all in Democrat supporter.

        He posts every now and then he is and I quote, “a white male conservative Republican from Texas.” Yeah, right.

        As you noticed, every political post he dumps on Republicans. Not one word of support for his imaginary party and worse, USER has posted several times he has not seen ONE POSITIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT under the Trump administration policies. Tell that to the government economic statisticians.

        He is a tedious, articulate and dishonest FRAUD… 🇺🇸

        1. Frankly, I don’t care if a person dumps on a R, IF the point has merit. If fact, I welcome a rigorous and truthful volley of any kind. I have absolutely no misconception that the R party is free from error. I have an allegiance to conservative ideas, not to the R party, btw.

          But when someone with tedious verbosity regularly talks like they’re an “insider,” while interjecting so called “facts” to support a story–hoping/expecting that non-critical eyes will let the erroneous slide–that shite needs to be jettisoned far and wide. That’s the worst kind of bias…it’s nothing but slimy. They create an environment where everything that proceeds from their mouth needs critical parsing to determine veracity. I don’t come here for that extra work.

          I wonder where how/why the negative lawyer stereotype got started. /s

          1. Sorry to read you missed the main thrust of my post. Not about dumping on R or D agreed, all allowed and all good.

            I can only guess you have not been around here very long to read the the FAKE TxUSER political credentials. He posts nothing supportive of what he claims to be and we are used to liars in the D Party.

            “But when someone with tedious verbosity regularly talks like they’re an “insider,” while interjecting so called “facts” to support a story–hoping/expecting that non-critical eyes will let the erroneous slide–that shite needs to be jettisoned far and wide. That’s the worst kind of bias…it’s nothing but slimy.”

            I could not say it better, well done!

            “Slimy” describes TxUSER to the T. An articulate DISHONEST LIAR who champions Hillary while claiming to be a conservative Republican.

            Nuff said…

          2. Perhaps if you folks think I am lying, you could point out the factual errors, providing reliable evidence showing I am wrong. Instead, you descend immediately to personal invective like schoolhouse bullies.

            Like I said a long time ago, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. However, nobody is entitled to their own facts. When somebody expresses a disgusting opinion, I do my best to ignore it. When somebody posts a misstatement of fact, I try to correct it.

            Allowing “alternate facts” to go unanswered feeds into the notion that the truth does not matter. It does. When you step out of an upper-story window, you will fall, whether or not you think the Law of Gravity is a hoax. When you base public policy on untruths, you will fall then, too.

            1. “Perhaps if you folks think I am lying, you could point out the factual errors”

              No need. Plainly obvious you LIE in the majority of your posts using careful wording, selective facts, inference and half truths. Then smugly pat yourself on the back for how smart you are getting away with it. Not today and I will continue to call you out, promise.

              Your BIGGEST LIE is claiming to be a “conservative Republican.”

              Your dump on President Trump and Republicans daily while NEVER dumping on Democrats and defending Hillary. Speaks VOLUMES. Guess you think you are too smart and us too dumb to NOTICE. No way, Jose.

              OK, so called “white male conservative Republican” here is your shot at redemption. The past two weeks was the BEST of the Trump presidency.

              In near unanimous media support, I could not believe it, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, FOX, WP and other newspapers reported President Trump best week.

              I won’t detail all the REMARKABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS, but simply say, DO YOU AGREE?… 🧐

            2. I completely agree that last week was the best week of the Trump Presidency… for Mr. Trump. To the degree that there was any remaining doubt, it confirmed his assertion that he could shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue without consequences. Whether it was a good week for anybody else depends on their commitment to constitutional government.

  4. Ronner, if you check the time stamps, you can see that the Dem-bashing had been going on for over an hour before I pointed out that the Republican caucuses were much tidier because there was only one candidate. I did not make a correlation between that candidate and communists, but between states that hold single-candidate elections. Not all authoritarians are communists.

    1. You know what I’m taking about. You deflect with your verbosity…of course, as you’ve said before, you apparently need to “explain” (pontificate, really) because the people here, apparently don’t understand otherwise. You made an absurd association between political matters in socialist/commi countries and the Iowan R Party…as if the reason for limited choice/candidates is the same.

      Associating authoritarian and R, as you did was farcical and an absurd reach…and similar to the today’s move to implicate with the “negro song/medal”, where there was no basis…intellectual, factual or otherwise.

      As I stated before, it’s rare for the incumbent’s party to show in such a caucus. There were two R candidates in IA, btw. That’s a fair portion of candidates considering it’s a-typical for the incumbent party to caucus.

  5. It’s depressing reading these comments. We need a unity ticket. something needs to break the divide or we are doomed as a nation regardless of what side you’re on or who you support.

    1. Thomas Jefferson warned that political parties would destroy the USA because eventually, party loyalty and the gargantuan appetite for ultimate power would override choices in favor of our nation. And once the unconstitutional income tax and the IRS were instituted, the pot of gold tax monies growing every year would prove irresistible to bureaucrats and grifters. The first 135 years of the USA had no income taxes and relied upon tariffs for the revenues required and tightly controlled. The original income taxes were only at 1% of passive income of “rich people” above $40,000 per year. Those with lower incomes paid nothing. That is how the camel of onerous and overbearing government oppression gets its nose under the tent. Now it’s been 107 years under this vicious agency that steals the life of citizens and we have the Deep Staters, the global adventurism of the CIA (which Harry Truman stated in the 1950s was the biggest mistake of his entire presidency), fake foreign aid and military assistance programs that are mostly payback to corporate donors of our politicians. Nice mess.

  6. The fact that a corporation is linked to the “debate” is proof that it is a sham..Apple is a part of Corporate America. The Democratic & Republican Parties are subsidiaries of corporate America. Everything else, including this supposed “debate” is political theater.

    For example: “Questions submitted via the Apple News app are sent to the ABC News Political Unit, which will filter the questions and send them to the ABC moderators.”

    Remember Bill Clinton being asked if he wore boxers or briefs? Or Obama about Macs & Windows? Really serious stuff!!

    BTW, once the primaries are over, the Commission on Presidential Debates take over. Its a non profit corporation, funded largely by corporations. And these non profit donations are tax deductible Any doubts about who owns your favorite politicians? Simply visit

    1. if you, heretiq genius, have identified illiteracy, then perhaps you could do the honorable thing and provide assistance to stamp out this insidious problem.
      if you think that slinking out from the internet shadows momentarily to do nothing but point out (falsely) such deficiency in others would do anything to further discourse, you are sorely mistaken. you have merely stood up to demonstrate to everyone that you are an ass. go back to the ivory tower from which you came.

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