U.S. jobs report: U.S. adds a much stronger-than-expected 225,000 jobs

The January jobs report is out and the U.S. has added a much stronger-than-expected 225,000 jobs, well above Wall Street estimates for a 158,000 gain.

U.S. jobs report. Pictured: President Trump tours Apple Mac Pro facility with CEO Tim Cook in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, November 21, 2019
President Trump tours Apple Mac Pro facility with CEO Tim Cook in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, November 21, 2019
The unemployment rate ticked higher to 3.6%, but for the right reason as the labor force participation rate increased 0.2 percentage points to 63.4%, matching its highest level since June 2013. Average hourly earnings rose 3.1% year-over-year to $28.44, ahead of estimates.

Jeff Cox for CNBC:

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones were looking for payroll growth of 158,000 and the jobless rate to stay at 3.5%, its lowest in more than 50 years… However, the employment-to-population ratio in the household survey rose to 61.2%, its highest since November 2008 and 0.5 percentage points higher than a year ago.

There was more good news for workers: Average hourly earnings rose 3.1% over a year ago to $28.44, ahead of estimates for 3% growth. That marked 18 consecutive months of wage gains above 3%, as the initially reported 2.9% for December was revised up to 3%.

The average work week was unchanged at 34.3 hours. Previous months’ revisions also gave a slight boost to the jobs count. November’s estimate rose 5,000 to 256,000 while December was moved up 2,000 to 147,000.

MacDailyNews Take: Good news for the U.S., Apple’s biggest market by far, is good news for Apple!


      1. You do realize that welfare and food stamps are “poverty level”. A job is what real men and real women do. Welfare and food stamps are the benefits of the Democrat Plantation.

        1. Thanks for the Straw Man nonsensical reply! Even $15 an hour depending on where you live would be considered poverty level wages. You would need two wage earners making that little just to skate by. Get real, not Trump fake.

      2. Pull up this same chart under Obama 4 years ago – AND – under Bush’s last year in office (I’m not playing political games here) it’s all horrible.

        Facts? Over 10 million off food stamps, millions no longer on Welfare, and black unemployment lowest in history. Those are simply facts, and many of those jobs are – of course – entry level work at new retail or line factory work – that’s expected, that’s how it works. But for every five of those jobs there’s been a managerial job created and then a job managing a store or a factory line, or or or. People get to increase their skill set and have upward mobility. The fact that there are numbers in the lower levels that are growing white-collar jobs and upward mobility jobs are not disappearing the percentages on the shrinking because the base economy jobs are growing and that is a strong sign in the economy for years to come.But for every five of those jobs there’s than a managerial job created and then a job managing a store or a factory line, or or or. People get to increase their skill set and have upward mobility.

        The fact that numbers in the lower levels are growing faster than white-collar jobs does not mean upward mobility jobs are not disappearing the percentages only shrinking because the base economy jobs are growing faster. and that is a strong sign in the economy for years to come.

        Never. Uh into the fallacy of a fixed pie – that if some are getting more over here, then someone’s getting less over there. The economy is NEVER fixed. There are literally hundreds of billions of dollars pumped into the economy every single day and that his growth money my friends, that has been spent and expanding into more and more jobs.

        And yet even in the degree world, companies I work with can’t find enough engineers, marketing folk and solid buyers that can keep up.

        People can burry their heads in political gamesmanship, but the truth is, the economy was moving off the rails fast the last 2x years of GWB’s second term, and Obama’s 8 years of malaise and “get use to it, this is the new normal, jobs aren’t coming back” was so anti-against their own slogan “hope and change” it was amazingly sad.

        Today More and more people are entering the workplace for the first time, working at minimum wage or slightly above… And those people will have upward mobility as they increase their skill set and want to improve themselves and make more, or start their own businesses.

        They’re all building blocks in this economy and it’s fantastic to see. I’m so happy for the inner city and seeing so many moving off of government dependence and into independence. And those people will have upward mobility as they increase her skill set and find they want to improve themselves.


        Anyone want to go back to the tenure economy before Trump’s policies? I don’t think so. This admin is setting the stage w/trade, tax, and reg policies to set up another 10-year Reagan economic run – easy.

        Love or hate him I don’t care. I didn’t even vote for the guy! But I don’t live my life on a daily basis of being happy or sad based on who is president or what someone says. Slice it however you want economy is way better than it’s been in a long time and it’s moving forward and that something we can all celebrate regardless of who is or is not president.

        Anyone bashing this economy and jobs reports it’s highly likely to be politically motivated slanted etc. etc. because “orange man bad.” Whatever.

        1. I didn’t vote for him either – first time in 40 years I did not vote for any President. Forty years voted for all Republicans. Now I would retract my Romney vote and give Trump two in 2020. He has exceeded all expectations. And he is entertaining to boot.

        2. The best post by far, factual, dispassionate and non-political. Yes, as you pointed out those that don’t see or can’t handle the truth are BLINDED by partisan squabbling. It never ceases to amaze me how narrow some are and incapable of acknowledging simple REALITY. The statistics are all out there, yet partisans skew or cherry pick to further their agendas, truth and fairness being the first casualties. Mike tops the list of offenders and sorry to read Peter falls into the same trap.

          Well done, Bobby!…👍🏻🇺🇸

          1. GoeB I feel the same about blind Trump apologists who fail to see the dangers of his ilk. The ends do not just the justify means if there will be an ultimate price to pay to our American way of life.

            The trap is all in the inability of those in the Trump camp to see outside of it. I almost voted for him and I’m firmly in the middle politically. But even many conservative Republicans are starting to see the dangers of a guy like Trump who has no respect for institutions, only what he can do with unbridled power. Do we really want to open that Pandora’s box?


        3. FWIW, on the “can’t find Engineers” comment, the basic reason for this is the financial ROI that’s been lousy for years, due to a combination of education becoming quite expensive and the engineering pay scale being flattened and compressed downwards for the past twenty years which means that the years-until-payback of the educational self-investment has stretched out too far: economically, a technically adept individual is better off going to Trade School and becoming an electrician, plumber, HVAC, etc…the pay is almost as good, the travel is only local and there’s no $100K loan to pay off.

    1. You spent 8 years bitching about the “slowest recovery” and here is what you got:

      From 2010 onwards, the US economy added about 225k jobs per quarter on average — consistently positive as the Labor Dept graph shows. No matter, you factless cheerleaders bitched about the economy being “held back” by the prior administration at every opportunity. You were all completely silent about the jobs lost in the Dubya Bush crash.

      Now the same job performance — ignoring farm payrolls that have plummeted in the last 3 years, of course — you describe as being a dramatic improvement. Not because the results are any different, but because your color team is attempting to take credit for it.

      Clearly trumpturds have zero sense of facts. It’s all about team bragging rights.


  1. The majority are partial jobs because folks would need two, I read, to afford to get off of food stamps. Therefore, they should not be considered real jobs. But both McConnel and Pelosi are in on the scam because both push for austerity which promotes partial jobs which keeps people poor. You know that I am speaking truthfully.

      1. Is the MDN moderator dead ? Or do you condone Kent and dd’s incessant juvenile personal attacks?

        Kent: It’s one thing to point out the stupidity of logic or lack of evidence in another’s opinions. It’s quite another to sling personal sh!t. It makes you look even worse than the ignorant parrots who come here to defend the most corrupt prez in history, using no data to show any connection whatsoever between the White House reality TV show and what’s really happening on Main Street across the nation.

        1. NO Mike, you are a HYPOCRITE and BRAIN DEAD. You have insulted me on a personal level many times and others that disagree with you. As some of your ilk are fond of saying, stick it up your arse cry boy!…

    1. The job report has included part-time jobs “as real jobs” for decades (50yrs)…why in the world should that change now, John? Also, the percentage of PT to FT jobs has been decreasing since the Great Recession. More plainly, FT jobs are filling a greater part of the report and have been since 2010. Of part-time workers, the count/percentage “was essentially unchanged in January,” btw (per current report). Also, per the increase in jobs; “the labor squeeze has helped workers at the lowest end of the pay scale, giving their wages a push that exceeds the average increase.” (NYT). In other words, more people have an opportunity to achieve a greater wage via higher level job opportunities. (No, I didn’t say wage growth is ideal).

      Your info doesn’t match that of people that document and research the topic professionally…so, no, I have no reason to believe you are “speaking truthfully” (despite the fact you apparently feel it to be so). Btw, where did that last statement even come from…especially when data isn’t even close to supporting your “belief?” You just wanted to slide that in front of those with non-critical eyes** and hope they would adopt the same misinformation?

      **Unbelievably, there’re are apparently scores on this board that believe your completely bogus statements (based on up-votes). This is sad. Be a Bernie supporter, hate the establishment, seek for financial equality, have concern for the increasing chasm between the rich and those not, vigorously reject the current Prez, challenge the job numbers; but embrace and spout information because it supports your bias, while being completely incorrect? Really…you’re ok with that? That’s just wrong, very sad and simply destructive when put forth on a public forum.

      Btw, I have no deep love for Nancy or Mitch, nor do I believe they aren’t worthy of criticism, but b/c of your belief in “the numbers” that have no factual basis, I’ll have put a crack in your belief in “their scam” and that they want to “keep people poor.” Separate from the facts, that’s a pretty interesting view. Bernie, a man with a huge problem with math, will save you, I guess?

    1. It is actual news, not the fake news of the type you prefer. And, it’s great news to boot, for all Americans who understand that more jobs to choose from is a good thing.

      1. 40% of americans cannot afford a sudden $500 expense, such as a medical emergency or vehicle repair. that’s real news. obviously, you’ve never been poor so you don’t understand the struggles associated with said experience. count your blessings. sure, the stock market is surging, but 1.8% of the populous owns 80% of the stock. people are struggling to make ends meet. more jobs are great, yes, but when you have to work 2 “full time” jobs (average is 34.5 hours/week and most don’t include any health care benefits) just to pay bills and put food on the table, that’s not good.

        i would also strongly prefer we keep our discourse here civil, and not stoop to name calling and other insults.

        1. If people don’t have enough money they should save more.

          Anyone who is a Democrat should refrain from telling others not to insult people. Insults is the entire playbook of Democrats. Watch late night TV sometime and Jimmy Kimmel or Steven Colbert, who both spend their entire shows insulting all Republicans. Same with CNN and MSNBC and The New York Times.

          1. Ooh, comedians make fun of politicians. That is soooo bad. But Kent loves entertainers like uneducated shock jocks like Carlson, Hannity, Limbaugh, and worse who do that same exact thing. Pot, meet kettle. We all know who the most partisan people are here on this forum. Don’t be surprised when you receive the equal and opposite to what you shovel at others.

            1. Mike, we live in an alternate universe, one where it is possible to win the Presidential Medal of Freedom for calling the President of the United States a “Magic Negro.”

          2. your logic is circular, and therefore flawed. if people don’t have enough money, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR THEM TO SAVE! that’s the point…

            i never identified my political standing, nor do i see any reason to do so in this forum. all i asked is that we please keep our discourse civil and refrain from insults.

            1. You don’t have to identify your political stance here on MDN. no matter where you stand on any issues, kent and his condescending prick friends will outflank you from further in the extreme right.

            2. TXuser: I’d love to hear a response to the latimes link in T-Tone’s posting. Here you use a fallacious point to sully one having received the US’ highest civilian award and you do it on the back of racism to make your case. Ironic at least. Maybe a retraction is due.

              You were either unaware, but swaggered with “facts,” AS IF you knew. Or you knew and, therefore, you were operating deceptively. This one is worse, but your conflation of the IA conversation, that just recently happened, is of the same nature. There’s other examples of the same…some I’ve addressed previously. You seem to use “facts” to your advantage and when asked to explain you follow with long-winded deflections showing all-you-know, or “that’s not what I said” denials that are mind-bending. Convolution is your friend, apparently.

              Pulling Mike into a little “group” condescension about the “alternative universe” that others seem to be living…what a fraudulent position to be casting aspersions.

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