Apple News teams with ABC News for 2020 presidential election coverage

Apple News and ABC News will collaborate to provide up-to-the-minute coverage of the key events of the 2020 presidential election, available in the Apple News app.

Beginning with the Democratic primary debate on February 7, 2020 in New Hampshire, Apple News will feature ABC News videos and live-streaming coverage, as well as FiveThirtyEight polling data, infographics and analysis during key moments in the 2020 election. ABC News, Apple News and WMUR-TV will partner for the February debate, the first to be held after primary voting begins.

The ABC News-Apple News collaboration will extend through Super Tuesday, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the general election debates, election night and the 2021 presidential inauguration.

“Access to quality news and trusted information is always important, and never more so than in an election year,” said Lauren Kern, editor-in-chief of Apple News. “We’re proud to partner with ABC News to present the millions of people who use Apple News each day with dynamic live coverage and responsible analysis during the major news moments of the 2020 election.”

“This election is one of the most consequential in modern history, and this unprecedented partnership with Apple News will deliver our world-class political journalism to more people than ever before,” said James Goldston, president of ABC News, in a statement. “It will enable millions more people to have a deeper understanding of the key issues, candidates and events by providing straightforward information, insight and context during the entire 2020 cycle — reaching our audience anywhere and anytime they want breaking and in-depth news.”

Source: Apple Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, this ABC News-Apple News delivers real news: great journalism steeped in facts and presented as unbiasedly as humanly possible.


  1. One wonders- Will another national news organization (here’s looking at you, CNN) get caught handing the candidate of their choice debate questions before the debates?

  2. This seems inadvisable for Apple. When half the country won’t believe facts presented by the news media, you can only damage you brand and reputation by wading into the news.

    1. Agreed…could be costly to the reputation, if seen “advocating.”

      It would compromise believability of Apple’s “got-your-back” message related to security and privacy.

  3. Another source of liberal progressive news. Just what the world needs. Maybe all the profits can be donated to the candidates that pass Apple’s litmus test.

    Remember when they donated to the SPLC?

  4. According to Wikipedia, ABC CBS FOX CNN NBC all produced sensationalistic, slick, graphics that promoted and cheerled the two Bush’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanists without questioning the rationale and with only shallow regard to the findings of weapons inspectors who categorically found that Sadam was innocent about 911 and that he no longer had any anthrax. Now we are supposed to once again listen to their likely lies? No.

    1. Almost all news media in the USA has been consolidated into for-profit companies. Hence, ad revenue is the one and only goal. Everything else is secondary. If the sheep are happy to consume the same opinions and narratives from undegreed talking heads and propagandists who refuse to reveal their actual funders, then Democracy will continue to degrade. The major outlets are all fronts for political operatives for sale to the highest bidder — and today, the highest bidder is multinational corporations what want you to believe that they need special tax breaks, that “clean coal” is real, and only oil could possibly power your butt around town in your shiny new SUV. They will sell isolationism and insane defense spending to the masses while wholeheartedly endorsing the endless foreign wars that bleed US prosperity away year after year. They will tell the people that banks couldn’t possibly live with regulation, and it’s okay to let them gamble with your savings. They are the geniuses in the room. They will tell you that the FCC, the Dept of Education, the FDA, and the Dept of Ecology must work only on behalf of the biggest for-profit businesses. In a nutshell: the potus and his supporters claim to be working on behalf of the people, but are really puppets of the same entrenched special interests that continue to hide their massive wealth piles in overseas accounts. This isn’t a partisan accusation. Tim Cook is just as responsible for hoarding wealth as any other self-serving executive. He merely sings a different SJW sales pitch to the bombastic Beibart-fueled nationalism that Goeb and Friends love to hear.

      Now about the news: Americans are fed less facts than ever. The unending stream of cover-up, lies, and spin continues to become more sophisticated with each social media experiment. Nobody is willing to invest in true journalism, presenting unvarnished facts instead of “stories” and retweets and corporate press releases. Sadly, the worst source of information in the modern era has been from Mar-A-Lago, or some other golf course, where the supposed leader of the free world shirks his official duties in order to gin up more business at his resorts.

      The US Department of Twitter has been a ceaseless stream of lies, continuing to the latest fact-free tirade from an insecure egomaniac who has never had anything but a transactional relationship with anyone in his life. So the lazy press isn’t starting off on the right foot. Recording actions takes too much work, when the gullible masses are more interested in who tweeted what lie or opinion today. What incentive do convicted associate of Guiliani and the potus have to start leaking their closed door profiteering the the press? All they have to do is tweet a fake progress report on hoped progress with Xi and everyone follows the deflection. First Whatever hails his god-president and Goeb demands that all bow before the future king. The press is happy to reprint the smokescreen. But the same tactics are used by strongmen everywhere, from 1930’s European messes to the present day. Lies and labels become “truth” through endless repetition. Just repeat “collusion” (a legally meaningless term) or “witch hunt” all day long if you have no real defense. Your fans will fill in the rest with their overactive imaginations. Never mind being honest and, for example, proving that you didn’t break the emoluments clause. That would too easily diffuse the reasonable and constitutional questions of the opposition. But if you’re dishonest, obstruction and deflection are the only way. The big names of the corrupted politically-owned Murdoch/Mercer/Breibart press will do the heavy lifting if you just tweet away.

      In Brazil, an official “Department of Hate” was uncovered. The parallels to the US games are uncanny. The entire for-profit press and social media have been mobilized, often unwillingly, by ad clicks which are easily gamed by political operatives — in the potus’ case, many of them foreign, some of them now behind bars. But the loyal deplorables don’t want to know that drumph brought his own swamp to town. It would burst their bubble. So much more fun to watch the stock bubble inflate from deficit spending like it’s 1929. Apparently the modern self-proclaimed right doesn’t have any principles left except self-enrichment. One does wonder what happens when the USA runs out of deficit spending ability, as they soon will. Well, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for an honest president that doesn’t place short-term profit ahead of long-term national prosperity.

      Guilty desperate do-nothing potus lies again:

      1. Goeb, citizen, dd: if this is too long and complicated for you to read, then by all means, just go back to your echo chambers and listen to the lies you like to hear.

        Principled citizens might like to hear counterpoint to the endless fact-free propaganda that so clearly marks this administration and the social media era in general.

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