China coronavirus death toll jumps to 563

The death toll from the 2019-nCoV coronavirus in mainland China jumped by 73 to 563 on Thursday, its third consecutive record daily rise as 10 more cases were reported on cruise ship off Japan and hundreds of experts to gather in Geneva to decipher how to combat the virus.

coronavirus death tollDavid Stanway for Reuters:

Hubei province, the epicentre of the epidemic, reported 70 new deaths on Wednesday and 2,987 new confirmed cases – more than 80% of the total reported by Chinese authorities. The other fatalities were in Tianjin city, the northeastern province of Heilongjiang and Guizhou province in the southwest… There have been two deaths outside mainland China – in the Philippines and Hong Kong – both following visits to Wuhan.

Ten more people on a cruise liner in the Japanese port of Yokohama, south of Tokyo, tested positive for the coronavirus, NHK television reported citing the Japanese health ministry, bringing the total number of cases on board to 20. About 3,700 people are facing at least two weeks quarantined on the ship after an 80-year-old Hong Kong man who travelled on it late last month tested positive… In Hong Kong, 3,600 passengers and crew were confined to their ship docked in the city for tests after three people on board had tested positive earlier.

Hundreds of experts will gather in Geneva next week, on Feb. 11-12, in an attempt to find a way to fight back against the outbreak by speeding research into drugs and vaccines, the World Health Organization (WHO) said… Asked about reports of “drug breakthroughs”, WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said: “There are no known effective therapeutics against this 2019-nCoV (virus).”

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, by some miracle, the researchers will find a way to fight the virus very, very quickly!

Note: Earlier today, it was reported that Apple iPhone assembler Foxconn plans to ramp up production in factories in China next week, but it will take at least a week or two more to resume full production.


    1. Could you recommend a source for better information?

      International health agencies seem to think the Chinese government — which I agree is highly suspect — appears to be cooperating much more transparently than in the past. SARS was an event that they attempted to completely cover up from Western journalists and officials. Thanks in advance.

      1. Appears to be cooperating… APPEARS. The fact that they have shut the entire country down is a good indicator that the death toll is not “only” 563. How about footage of the nearly completed “hospital”? Doors that lock from the outside? Bars on the windows? Supposedly no oxygen lines to each room even though coronavirus is a respiratory illness. Soldiers in protective gear (including rifles) patrolling the streets. People begging NOT to be taken to the hospital/ quarantine. The government regularly deleting posts from the social app Weibo. The list goes on. I’m sure the situation in China is… very serious.

        1. Shutting down cities and the country seems like a good way to stop the virus from spreading. I’m not going to speculate as to whether China is hiding the actual number of deaths. Anything is possible and maybe it’s better not to know the there is a higher number of deaths as it might provoke panic. The WHO says the Coronavirus isn’t as deadly as SARS and I think they should know something about that.

          1. I’m in nearby Taiwan. 17 years ago, we got hit pretty hard by SARS. It is possible that SARS was more deadly than the current coronavirus. However, it is possible that the corornavirus is more contagious than SARS. We may still only be in the early days of this… possible pandemic. Regardless, this coronavirus genie may already be out of the bottle.

          2. The WHO is correct, the CoronaVirus is technically NOT as deadly, but it’s WAY more contagious, is transmitted asymptomatically (unlike SARS) and has higher risk of spreading internationally. Mortality rates are 2%, which is 6.6 million people in the US… dead. 20 million Chinese citizens… dead.

            SARs had a declining rate of transmission, with a much lower reproductivity factor (R0) than this one.

  1. And in 2020 it did come to pass that via viral recombination (look it up – here’s a starter: the novel coronavirus became recombined with the rabies virus to produce a new strain. The features of this new infection are madness and an uncontrollable urge to bite others, thus increasing the rapid spread of the illness. You heard it here first.

  2. I would like to get an idea of the ages of people who are dying. Is it the elderly or the very young being more susceptible? Were most of the dead suffering from other medical conditions such as a compromised immune system? I know the virus attacks the lungs of victims and basically stops them from breathing. It’s said that putting victims on a respirator for a time can help them survive. I haven’t found anything about the dead victims’ pre-virus health state. They haven’t said if those who have been infected with Coronavirus actually do recover. It’s seems pretty scary, but there have been vloggers who post on Youtube from Wuhan and they said they weren’t all that frightened and just tried to be very careful not physically contacting other individuals.

    1. I think I heard that it is hitting the elderly more..?

      In any event, the other thing that’s in some of the emerging scientific reports is that the rate of infection is such that the number of cases doubles every “6.x” days (I can’t remember if it was 6.4 or 6.5?) — the important part being that the rate of doubling is about one week.

      Given that its reportedly asymptomatic (but infectious) for ~2 weeks prior, its going to be a hard one to stop.

      And FYI, this time factor here also may make it easy to under-estimate the mortality rate because it is incorrect to take (deaths today/infections today) because the status of most of those infected isn’t yet known because they’ve not run its full course. With a ~weekly rate of doubling, there IMO appears to be a huge risk of under-estimating the mortality risk – – a two week lag would mean by a factor of 4, a three week lag would be a factor of 8 .. and I pray its not a four week lag (factor of 16!).

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