2020 could be a big year for the Mac

2020 Mac - The all-new MacBook Pro features a 16-inch Retina display, blazing fast performance, a new Magic Keyboard and six-speaker sound system.
The all-new MacBook Pro features a 16-inch Retina display, blazing fast performance, a new Magic Keyboard and six-speaker sound system.
After some stagnation in product lines and, as a result, sales growth, Apple late in 2019 launched products that should help Mac revenue going forward: the all-new 16-inch MacBook Pro and the top-end Mac Pro beast. Those products, along with more expected to come soon, foretell that 2020 could be a big year for the Mac.

Luke Larsen for Digital Trends:

Apple has announced record-breaking revenues for the first quarter of 2020 in nearly every product category, from the iPhone to Apple Music. There’s one sore spot in the mix, however: the Mac… The Mac didn’t experience much in growth year-over-year, with $7.2 billion in revenue.

Apple did not comment on future Mac products on its earnings call, but we expect some big launches in 2020. In particular, we expect the smaller, 13-inch MacBook Pro to get a similar treatment to its bigger sibling, with a larger screen, thinner bezels, and an updated keyboard. It could be released as soon as the next few months.

We also anticipate some movement on an ARM-based MacBook that finally ditches Intel chips for its own A-series processors.

MacDailyNews Take: A little birdie tells us that this June’s WWDC 2020 could be “very, very interesting for the Mac.”


  1. If only AAPL sold a Mac.

    For us commoners.

    Not overpriced Mac Pros. Not underperforming Mac Minis.

    A Mac that you didn’t have to discard when you need a new monitor. Or, a monitor you have to discard when you need a faster processor or more memory.

    Imagine the possibilities.

    1. They don’t, and won’t. 🙂

      If you’re REALLY… and I mean REAALYY super environmentally conscious, don’t “Discard” anything. Give it back to Apple. When you get a new monitor, you get your internals upgraded for free. When you get a faster processor or more memory, you get a monitor for free.

      Of course anyone REALLY concerned about recycling would already know this.

  2. I wrote this a year ago, and not one thing has changed:

    New iMac wish list:
    1. Fix hopelessly neglected finder. It is a slow clumsy waste of space and the find command buries properly spelled results under hundreds of irrelevant “context” hits.
    2. Disk spin-up bug. The whole computer locks up for 15 seconds while a hard drive spins up for no apparent reason. Concentration and work is disrupted.
    3. Hard drive slot. If a Sony playstation can have this, there is no excuse for a Mac not having one. External drives with tangles of wires are inelegant and add failure potential.
    4. Front accessible ports for SD cards, USB sticks, and headphones. RCA output for connecting to a stereo. People use this stuff, and having to turn your computer is another risk for damaging wires or unplugging things unexpectedly.
    5. Sliding lens cap for FaceTime camera. You told us once it was unhackable. It never will be.
    6. Real keyboard and mouse. (See Naga hex, lights not necessary. Working drivers are.)
    7. Mac compatibility. Stop breaking our software. Future Macs will still be able to run 32 bit software – if it is for windows!
    8. Nobody cares about making it a millimeter thinner! Add an inch just to remind yourself that it doesn’t matter, and maybe allow for some heat dissipation.
    9. HDMI input. You’ve got that wonderful 5k screen, why can’t we connect stuff to it? Cable TV, Playstation, live camcorder output, even a second computer. It’s a huge waste of space to need a TV right next to your iMac. (Also, a hardware button for switching inputs.)
    10. ATA connector. We know it is in there. Why can’t we use it?

    1. Hey Pete, sorry to hear that you are still using a Mac. Sending my sympathies and hope you wake up from your nightmare soon. Don’t waste your money! Ciao 🙂

  3. Many consumers like myself cannot justify the cost of a tricked out IMac or IMac Pro, particularly when you can buy a PC with equivalent or better hardware specs, including VR capability, for about half the cost of the Macs. I have a 2015 IMac and a 2014 MacBook Pro, but sorry to say my next computer will be a “loaded” PC. My ideal world would be a powerful PC with MacOS (not a Hackentosh), but alas that won’t happen.

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